A bit difficult to get a hi-res image from a small CD single but I just love this image so I ran it through some filters and I think I did my best.

This one was gosh darn impossible! You just can't do much to edit an image with continuous newspaper text as a background! Nevertheless, I'm very pleased with the results. Like many of these wallpapers, I was able to source the record covers which, being much larger than CDs, have much higher definition version of the artwork. Thanks for the nice comments and keep them coming if you'd like to see more. I have a bunch of ideas for Tim Finn and Split Enz wallpapers too. I could also provide different screen resolutions if anybody as a specific request.

Thanks, italianplastic2! I've made some minor corrections to things that were bugging me about the previous version of the TOE artwork and re-uploaded it. You may not notice a difference, but there were some pieces that just weren't quite lining up for me.
Originally posted by Longwhitecloud:
I snapped this a couple of days ago.Summer in the lush New Zealand Bush

Now you got me all homesick (which is strange, because I live in Germany).

Longwhitecloud, I snagged this one. It's just gorgeous. I hope it will inspire me to finally make the long trek to NZ in the near future. Thanks for posting.
Hello Finn Frenz,

I am looking for a large scan of this image:

I want something at least 800x800 but the bigger the better. Any chance someone out there owns this and would be willing to send me a high quality scan or photo of it?

I would like to use it in one of my desktop wallpaper projects like the ones seen here:


Thanks for any help you can offer!

Ah, thankyou for that beautiful NZ bushwalk pic. Makes me want to cry.
Here's a Crowdies tattoo for someone:

I have always thought that the menu screen of the BJB Sessions dvd (comes with IK deluxe edition) would make a beautiful screensaver. Get rid of the titles and just have the misty trees, with birds flying over (sound optional.) Could be my next endeavour, if and when I get around to it.

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