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oh yeah, sorry, i listened the first time you put it up and forgot to post. it's great stuff. great melody, pro-sounding mix. also you sound a lot like neil.
it's great to find musicians with such high standards for their own work (where else but frenz forum.) i'm going to listen again.

upon third listening, i would advise that you play the drums harder, because they will sound better. (that is you playing them, right? they sound suspiciously guitarist-style Wink )
OK Seven.....well done!
I like Come and Go.
There is no doubt you are influenced by Oasis and NF......which in turn has a vague Beatles link.
There is a touch of Coldplay/Travis too.....
Great harmonies,very catchy chorus..."The sea will rise, The wind will blow......"

I'm not convinced by the synth/pad intro and outro/end. For me a fade on the vocals would be a better end.

So, other frenz forum people, do your self a favour and have a listen to Seven's new tune
Thanks for listening Smiler
The drums are samples I sequenced on a basic program on the pc - not my strongest point I know, but not being a drummer and sitting at the computer I tend to get impatient and go for something simple that doesn't get in the way of the song.

The synth sample intro/ending was just something a bit different - not that its not been done before. I had something in mind and that was the nearest I could get. Originally I considered fading the song but a lot of my songs have fade-outs and also I think it resolves better (esp. lyrically) with a proper ending.

Its great to get some feedback - and flattering comments! Smiler

Thanks again.
"What Are You Doing?" - Left Hand Does

Well done stepinmyshoes......!!! Very catchy little ditty....that guitar has a certain Split Enz sound to it (One Step Ahead) the bass......and the hook/chorus.."Oh Im afraid...." is very infectous.

So.....thanks to Sevenworlds for starting this has lead me to both 7's song and stepinmyshoes song....both extremely listenable Eeker

PS: I don't mind your drum sound seven.....kinda retro and I like it back in the mix....and for what its worth I'm a drummer Wink

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