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I'm not sure of the provenance of this: is it from one of Tim's musicals? Anyway, happy to hear his voice...

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The figures and themes of the songs so far shared by Tim on Soundcloud (, seven in number, appear to be taken from J. G. Ballard's Vermilion Sands. (

Are they material for a future musical, or only the results of personal impressions following reading, like it was with "Liz Cook's Lament", a brilliant piece in fact?

Tim introduced the live performance of "Liz Cook's Lament" with a reference to his recently reading Ray Parkin's book about the Endeavour and the voyage, which inspired him to write a song about captain Cook's wife.

By giving several listens to the seven SoundCloud pieces, I was able to pick out my own favourite. In my opinion, "Jane Cylacylides" (why not Cyracylides, which is how the original has it) is a real masterpiece. An attempt to fix the lyrics (after reading the short story):


Jane Cylacylides

When I first saw Jane Cylacylides
It was during the Recess, a summer lethargy
That carried me so blissfully
Through ten unforgettable years

I was drinking beer on the balcony
Her eyes that looked like insects were watching me
And I could see a walking galaxy
As she rearranged the table and chairs

Her singing voice, an unholy sound got every living thing aroused

In her wide-brimmed hats and cocktail skirts
She made the choro-flora overexert himselves
‘Til the orchid gave a concert
And I had to shut the whole place down

Every day she came to my music shop
Drove the Arachnid crazy once more from the top
Wouldn’t let it drop and it only stopped
The day that Jane Cylacylides left town

She killed the orchid with her unholy sound, got every living thing aroused

Three times their size tumid and inflamed
She drove my singing plants insane

I can’t forget her insect eyes, they held a fleeting look of shame
A fleeting look of shame

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