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On a discussion on Facebook on a Finn Brothers group, someone said that a new Tim Finn album is going to be released! I tried to ask for some more details but the reply was that it was announced in a VIP email from the fanclub, and nothing else.

I'm not subscribed to the fanclub because so far I haven't find a good reason to do it, but a new Tim Finn album sold exclusively through it (if I well understood) might be more than a valid reason to subscribe!

So, can anyone please let me know few more details about this new album? Is it a really brand new album or a collection of old demos and outtakes?

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I believe that about the number of fans too but that's what has apparently been said.  Basically, people who are/were quick off the mark will get it, sadly those who aren't/weren't won't. To non-club members, my advice would be simply to join the club when spaces become available. I have every single club cd and video/dvd which I wouldn't have if I wasn't a life member. That way when something exclusive is released, you at least have a good chance of getting it.

I can't say how profoundly disappointed I am about this.  I know I don't check the forum very often any more (but I follow Tim and Split Enz and CH on Facebook!) but:

It's 2016.

We don't need to limit distribution of music to discs made out of plastic, particularly when those discs then have to be sent out all over the world. 

Although I am still a bit happier having a CD, I am entirely happy, for instance, with the set of 12 new live tracks I got from Australian band Hunters & Collectors through pledgemusic last year.   I've since used that site to preorder two CDs by Canadian artists which I did actually get in CD form, but I didn't have to - it could have just gotten them as digital downloads.

If the fan club kept pressing new sets of the discs so that one could rely on joining up for a year, and then buy the album, that would be more reasonable. But the way things are now, that looks like a very unlikely prospect.

And I would dearly love to hear more music by Tim.  

Releasing a Tim Finn CD only for fan club members would be unfair for the following reason:

There may be people out there who would not wish to join the club as they have greater interest in Tim than in Crowded House or Neil. As is well known, the majority of fans are more keen on hearing stuff related with CH and Neil than with Tim. So anyone who has a preference for Tim would, in a large number of cases, have to pay for membership to receive stuff which is not necessarily related with his favourite artist.

I feel it's a little unfair to say that the club only or even primarily caters to Neil and Crowded House Fans. If one had been a member for the last, say, 10-12 years, I'd say there would have been equal if not greater opportunity to obtain club-only Tim or Enz CDs (eg. Tim's Rarities/Demos/Live Performances Vol. 1 and Luton disc 2) and opportunities for members attend Enz dress rehearsals and soundchecks. I say this as someone who loves the work of both brothers, bands and various offshoot bands and solo projects of the individuals therein, but has generally preferred everyone but Neil/Crowdies myself. I personally find it worth the modest annual fee, which I long ago took up the opportunity to transfer to a life membership. I may no longer receive the annual welcome gifts for that, but for a sum significantly less than the annual membership fee I've paid for larger bands whose "gift" this year is less than desirable to most of us in the club, it's a worthwhile investment to be kept informed of and have first/only access to all manner of things Finn-related. Perhaps, if the demand is there, digital downloads may become an option in the future - it would certainly cut down on the postage costs that are by far the club's greatest expense.

It would be good to know if this new Tim Finn release is really decided to be a fan club only CD, as in the opposite case there is no reason for complaint.

As far as Tim's rarities are concerned, and I mean especially his products in music, which is what is my special interest, in a way or other these pieces could be gathered so far, some of them having even been dropped out by the artist gratis to his audience via virtual media.

Peter at last replied me that they don't have any CD left...and that maybe a chance to find them somewhere else would be at the Fiery Maze shows in Melbourne.

Anyone got any news about getting a copy of the new album outside the fanclub?

I'd also like to know what's the title of the album and the release date.

And if it's a brand new studio album or a collection of rarities or the songs of the musical or something else...

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I'm inclined to agree with you. As a lifetime Fan Club member I love the fact that I get the opportunity to acquire rare music but I do think there are better ways of doing this. I remain frustrated that artists/record companies haven't really fully embraced the internet. In an age where download speeds are (in most parts of the world) high enough to support fast download of lossless files, it baffles me that artists like Tim and Neil don't offer files for purchase.

An annual subscription service that offers otherwise unreleased studio material, demos and live recordings would generate a perfectly respectable income stream without the need for manufacturing and distribution costs. (And yes, I know there are contractual issues and hosting data isn't free, but none of that is insurmountable.)

Interesting to hear this, in light of Peter Green's reply cited above by Agrasso:

"Peter at last replied me that they don't have any CD left..."

Thanks for the info, anyway. I still hope Peter will somehow change his mind to offer some copies even to non-members sooner or later.

We don't wish to buy a crown gem or someting but simply listen to Tim's new music.

I wonder if this is really so, Mummakook. This would either mean that it is a very limited number release, or that crowds are quicker to get their hands on it now than ever, which personally I would doubt. It seems to me that it is easier to say that no more copies are left than to say that the sale will be limited only to club-members this time, which means, there are copies left but not for you, guy. In addition, to talk about copies in case of a still unreleased CD is at least strange.

But no reason for any dispute since even you can see that lifelong club members as you are inclined to agree with my opinion that the artist's music should not be restricted to such few numbers and so my previous statement about this manner not being very fair holds true.

Last time, the artist himself made it known to people out there that they could buy his Rarities/Demos & Live Performances, which was a relief for many and an annoyance to few.


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It seems to me people are REALLY picking this subject apart and coming up with conspiracy theories etc.  Simple fact of the matter is if you were a club member, you got offered the chance to order the new Tim CD.  This was a perk of being a club member. If you weren't a club member, you wouldn't have been offered the chance to buy the CD.  It's so simple.  As for the word 'copies', this is just a term used to describe a physical item.  I've worked in music stores for 25 years and when we order a certain title, we order 50 'copies' of the new Madonna cd for example.  It doesn't mean they are copies ie bootlegs ie cdr's. It is just a figure of speech.

Actually, the word 'CD' was used, not 'copies', at least in Agrasso's words, but you are quite right, things are such simple as you have put it. Non-members are out of the circle.

My personal opinion to add. Tim's fans are even without any further limitation are few, so to say, and limited only-for-club releases of this kind would not make their number grow.

Peter Green or anyone else with his competence could do this favour to me and others that once they show this topic to Tim so that he can see that there are people outside the club who would like buy his CD but are unable to do it. Let the artist himself speak in his own words that "first be a member than you can listen to my music".

By the way, does anyone know in which number this CD is going to be released?

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Spot on, NWWY, Tim doesn't seem too fussed at all about fans or sales, and his management aren't too far behind, doing various things that only put even the most loyal of fans off. He's pretty much in a position these day to do as he pleases, and so he does.

For the record, Budbudabuddha, to confirm your original hypothesis. If memory serves, like most club releases, there was only ever a limited number of Tim's new CD on offer - 200 seems to be a popular number for most club releases, so it's not hard to imagine them being snapped up pretty quickly with members usually being able to order 2 if they wish.

This is why I am a lifetime member of the fan club.  So I can get access to rare and exclusive offerings.  If the fan club didn't have rare offerings then there wouldn't be much incentive to pay to become a member, would there?  I am actually surprised how many people on the forum are not members of the fan club.  It's probably been one of the best fan clubs in the history of fan clubs - at least for bands of the stature of Crowded House and Split Enz.

That's a clear way of putting it. To me, however, the question rather turns on how many of these offerings have close relation to Tim (chiefly his solo and perhaps Split Enz). It should be my fault that I do have my preference. Still, has the club offered in the past years any of the following?

1) Any sound material relating to Tim's latest movie projects? (Personally, I had to buy mp3 of "Predicament", I had to rip myself, and even offer to those who wished to hear, the song "Rising & Falling").

2) Anything related to Tim's recent theatre performances? (Personally, I had to find and download parts of the records of his "White Clouds" and gather stray interviews with his songs in them, and personally, I had to find on youtube at least two of the numbers in "Ladies in Black").

3) Anything related to rare songs such as have been performed live here and there but not in the possession of any of the club-members I asked ("Off The Planet", "Talking in my Sleep"). One can mention as well "Gutsy Girl", "Liz Cook's Lament", which were accessible not by favour of the club but some other well-doer. Or, to repeat myself, all those rare demo gems which Tim had swept out during one of his ′spring-cleanings′!

All these, as fas as I know, have nothing to do with club activity. So do I have any strong reason, except the present one, for being a club member, lifelong or not?

The present restriction to club members does not seem, in addition, to make any sense in view of the fact that the CD will probably will be offered for sale to anyone visiting the shows in Melbourne.

Were it not the case this would not have been mentioned as a possibility by Peter Green. But I see no point in making a restriction of a material which can be freely bought at the shows. 

Nothing Wrong With You posted:

I actually don't think Tim is too bothered about cd sales these days. It seems that he has moved into a new creative area which is more about composing rather than performing himself.  I remember reading that Tim once said he wished he could be a stay at home songwriter, that would be his preferred role.  It's looking like his dream is coming to fruition.

When you meet your significant other half, your focus changes.  And then children no doubt change that focus again.  And you want to be at home with that person.   Its the natural progression of life.  Tim basically is a stay at home songwriter now, to all intents and purposes, as NWWY posted.  And he's at an age where a lot of men are retiring.  

Maybe the theatre thing is just a bonus for him?  Who knows.

I don't know what the resistance to joining the Fan Club is - and its what's coming across here.  But its a choice.  Either way will have consequences.  You choose to join, you pay your fee.  You choose not to join, you don't have access to releases which may be exclusive to club members.  You just make your decision.

If you can't get to shows where certain releases will be available, then being a member of the club is probably the next best thing.  Or not. 

I hope you get the CD's you want Budbudabuddha 

I have found the club to be very well rounded in their offerings.  As a CH fan first and foremost, I have at times wished for more CH focus and felt that the club focused too much on Split Enz and Tim Finn.  That being said, I do love all of it, but I would never say the club favors one brother or one incarnation over the others.

Both the Luton Double CD and Tim's "Demos, Rarities & Live Performances" (mentioned above as examples) were accessible to non-members, although this came as a surprise. So it might have been with good reason for some of us to think that a possible new CD of Tim's would belong to the same category. I still don't understand the decision.

But let me put things right. I have no intention to make any bad statement on the club's activity which is to all probability deservedly praised here.

Still, as a collector of Tim's rarities I would be curious to hear which items the club offered on Tim's part in the last few years (except the bonus songs for his albums, which were invaluable).

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