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Thanks for sharing the news Whysus. If not for your post, I wouldn't have had any clue this was happening. Similar to the Forenzics project, this hasn’t had any major media coverage which honestly makes me a little sad. I guess its a reminder of how out of touch I’ve become with regards to the music scene.

More importantly, I’m very excited to see Tim actively making new music; for a minute it looked like he was retired from Pop music, and would only pursue theatre music projects.

I liked the vibe of this song, the arrangements are interesting, and even the cheesy percussion gives it a nice future-retro vibe (although Latin music it is not. Trust me, I’m from South America).

No worries. Uncut have an article

So I am wondering if it will get a bit more press in the coming days. It hasn't made any NZ media yet... but then again, there was basically nothing about Forenzics either, and I thought that warranted a bit of press here .

I agree, its really good to see Tim making albums again. I do wonder what this means for a Forenzics release though. I discovered this because Phil tweeted photos of him and Tim in the 70s and said "What we did in the ’70s. The look might have changed but the musical sparks continue to shine brightly! As will be revealed in a few days.". I got excited because I thought they were going to formally release the Forenzics album.

From what I can tell, the Forenzics songs were done before these new ones (the Walking video has been around for well over a year now). It seems a bit odd that these newer songs with half the 'band' are now getting a formal EP release, and there is still no word about a Forenzics release. I guess this is a Tim and Phil project while Forenzics is probably Eddie's baby and he is overseeing its release.

Time will tell I guess...

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