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Michael Burrows new song ‘Please Don’t Cry’ is a stunning piece of work. The song features Crowded House/Split Enz legend Neil Finn. The way that collaboration came about is a whole story unto itself.

Michael donated to the charity Medicine Mondiale. Neil Finn was the ambassador of the charity and offered the biggest donor the opportunity to record at his Roundhead Studios in Auckland. Michael was that biggest donor and the Finn connection was made.

Michael began communicating with Neil via email. He sent Finn a number of demos. One of those songs was ‘Please Don’t Cry’.

“But what happened next was beyond my wildest expectations,” Michael says. “Towards the end of the second night, Neil jumped into the vocal booth, and when he laid down the harmonies to my song, I was ready to die right there in that New Zealand chair!“

“I remember sitting next to the engineer Jordan Stone, and asked him if Neil does this all the time? He shook is head and mouthed the word ‘no’. This was really happening!”

Neil brought in local band Pluto to back Michael. Neil also became actively involved. “Neil was so generous with his time and advice and was involved with every aspect of the project including contributing vocal harmonies, playing the Wurlitzer piano, coming up with arrangement ideas and producing the rhythm tracks” says Burrows.

Michael returned to Melbourne and finished the song off at Dare Studios.

Michael Burrows ‘Please Don’t Cry’, featuring Neil Finn, is pure pop perfection.

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