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Seems like I am in the minority but very disappointed with the new single. If it was a new band they wouldn’t even get signed up. Neil just seems to be promoting the family and I’m a bit surprised that his wife hasn’t replaced Nick on bass. Maybe that will be the next move. Neil Finn has been one of the best songwriters around for many a year but sadly this will not add to his legacy.

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I'd sign a band with this single in a heart beat . Can't stop singing the chorus - tremendous song , and everything I was expecting from a new Crowded House single. Very comercial , quirky and up tempo . Everyone I've let hear it (not fans ) have agreed.

My dismay at Mark being ousted from the band is well documented, but Neil and Nick are two thirds of the origional lineup is certainly Crowded House . Sharon will never "replace" Nick in "Crowded House" - I'm certain that Neil himself would see how nonsensical that would be.

We will just have to agree to disagree. I was only joking about Sharon replacing Nick but kicking Mark out and replacing him and the drummer with his two sons is not a good move in my opinion. Somehow I don’t think Fingers of Love will be part of the new set.  
i have played the new song many times over the last couple of days and I’m sorry to say that my opinion hasn’t changed.

Apparently Buddy, his grandson, was singing the new single around the house so Neil decided it must be catchy enough to release as a single. Not sure that is the age group they should be aiming for!
Sorry,  only joking again.

I'm willing to bet that Fingers of Love will indeed feature. The part that I do agree with you is that I was pretty devastated that Mark was ousted from the band .it really made no sense at all to me. I know it's unfair to Matt ( I did like him ) but I could almost have accepted Liam as the new drummer if it meant Neil, Nick , Mark and Liam .

That said , it's not going to change , and from what I've heard I love the new music.

As a little addendum , it's woth rembering that Liam was actually a touring member of Crowded House on the Time On Earth tour...

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