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I'm strictly talking about the dynamics of audio here and "sound" rather than genre or style. I just picked up the latest AC/DC record and i'm giving it a listen now.

The sound is sharp, crisp and "full" - particularly on the backing harmonies. This is what I wish Neil's recordings would have more of in terms of that fuller/fatter/warmer sound. While I enjoy the latest song, there's still that "thinness" to the sound.

But would I be averse to Better Jailbreak Home Soon?

Absolutely not.

@renzo posted:

Does anyone have an idea as to when the new album is to be released? I would think sometime in December? Too bad Covid will prevent North American tour although maybe a summer or fall 2021 tour is a possibility....

Neil stated in an interview that the release was being held back till the vinyl version was ready . He wanted a grand release with all formats being simultaneously available . I think maybe FEB / MARCH was mentioned ?

The British /  European tour has been rescheduled for summer '21 . U.S. to follow that maybe ?

I still think it is a pretty good song.  Maybe 6/10 to rate it.  Live, alot can be done with it and it would be a hoot to be a part of.  Seeing those old farts dancing around.  lol.  Do you get the feeling there is a Crowded House hand off to the younger guys sometime in the future?  Good to carry on the name I guess....

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