A couple of months ago, I mentioned here that my brother and I had completed a recording of "Won't Give In" and were in the process of trying to acquire licenses to distribute the recording. Well, it took nearly three months, but as of last week I have licenses from both Neil's and Tim's publishers.

I'd like to make the recording available to Frenzforum members, in part because I'd like to get some feedback from Finn fans, and in part as thanks for the enjoyment I've derived from the forum. Unfortunately, my licenses are for CDs only--no downloads--and are restricted to distribution within the US. But anyone within the US who would like a copy is welcome to write to me at jocoop at aol dot com, and I will send a copy at my expense. I reserve the right to limit the number I send, but for now I'm willing to absorb the cost. I worked hard on this recording, and I'd like it to be heard. No one would confuse this with a big-label release, but I'm still pretty proud of it.

A bit of background: I was fairly active on the Philadelphia open mic scene in the early 1990s and had a semi-regular gig at a bar off South Street for awhile, but my career and various personal issues led me to put music aside almost entirely until about two years ago. My brother, on the other hand, performs regularly. He's the more talented one.

(Before posting this, I checked with our webmaster; she said I could post it, as I had licenses for the recording).
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Great on ya... you sure that you cannot post the customary 30 seconds somewhere on the net, so people can "listen before they buy"?
I actually looked into that, but it's complicated--while 30-second clips seem to be "customary" at some level, that custom doesn't seem to be endorsed by actual court decisions or statutory provisions (and rights organizations ASCAP and BMI take the position that such clips are not fair use). So I'd be taking a risk, including the risk that the publishers might yank my license to distribute. Alternatively, I could go to them and seek permission. I've been reluctant to do so up to now because I didn't want to do anything to complicate getting the licenses--it took long enough as it was, and Tim's company in particular seems very leery of stuff involving the internet. Once I've submitted my first quarterly statement, I may go back to them and see if I can get permission to post a short excerpt.

This rights stuff has proved to be a pain, but I'm determined to do it right.
It's a shame you can't send it out to the UK but it's great you're doing it all by the book. Wink

Best of luck with it all.
No takers after two weeks. Sigh. I understand--I guess I'd be reluctant to send my address to a total stranger, just to get a one-song cd of indeterminate quality.

Believe me, I wish I could just make the thing available for download.
Wow! It sounds really interesting to me. I should like listening to that since you've worked so hard at it.

That must be my clue to write you privately. Then I can brag when I hear it, right? Wink
Hi Jeff,
I'd really like to hear it! I've wanted to since I first saw your post awhile ago, but I've had a million things going on and just forgot.

You can e-mail me: TBeatles67@141.com

I got my CD from Jeff today, and they really did a fine job on it. Big Grin [My birthday is Friday, so it was like getting a birthday present!] Paul's parts, especially the bass, sound like they could be from the Brothers themselves, and I *do* mean that as a compliment.

I'll have to listen some more times to think of other feedback.
Originally posted by aikakone:
I got my CD from Jeff today, and they really did a fine job on it. Big Grin [My birthday is Friday, so it was like getting a birthday present!] Paul's parts, especially the bass, sound like they could be from the Brothers themselves, and I *do* mean that as a compliment.

I completely agree. My birthday is Saturday, so it's a B-Day present for me too! I think it's very well done, very professional. My only *slight* complaint so far is that the vocals could have been stronger. I don't mean that your voices aren't strong, I mean that you could have sung them in a stronger way. Pushing aside perfection and going for more oomph. But, I am quite impressed, and I haven't had much time yet to listen. I'll give more feedback later.

Good on ya, guys! Big Grin

Tracy and aikakone, thanks for your comments so far. Tracy, I agree with your observation about the vocals. My intent was that they start off a bit tentative but grow in confidence to the end, playing off a comment Neil made in an interview (distributed with the original iTunes release of EIH) that people making speeches at family events frequently are a bit awkward at first but then find themselves and wind up saying something really lovely. I think we nailed the tentative part (Big Grin) but I don't think we quite got the rest. Partly a failure of execution, partly a failure of recording technique, probably in part the result of bumping up against the limits of our abilities.

Aikakone, I think that Paul's bass playing is probably the best thing about our version. I'm really just a basement hacker at this point, but Paul can seriously play.

Really, I appreciate what you've written. Paul and I aren't the Finns (and we didn't have Mitchell Froom producing), but I think we did a pretty decent job, all things considered, and I'm really glad to have a few people outside the immediate circle of family and friends listening.

Oh, and happy birthday to both of you!
One more bump for the new month, then I'll let this drift downward. The offer will remain open, though--I haven't exactly been overwhelmed with requests!
Hey Jeff, sorry I haven't responded with more insights! I haven't forgotten, I've just been really busy, getting ready for the trip to Oz and a million other things.

Hey everyone, let Jeff send you a copy!!! He and Paul went to a lot of hard work on this and it shows!! Big Grin

I got my copy and I do like it. Your voice sounds like Tim Christensen (Danish singer/songwriter who also sounds a lot like Michael Penn).

Do order a copy--it's a great tribute and a great homemade delicacy!
hi Jeff,
Thanks for sending me a copy.
I think you did a great job.
Lots of effort when you take on a project like this on your own...well done.

I noticed is said recorded in Indiana and Thailand on the jacket....??
Thanks again...Annie
Originally posted by anniea:
I noticed is said recorded in Indiana and Thailand on the jacket....??

Yes, my family is scattered to, well, maybe three of the four corners of the earth. My mother's in Vermont, my father's in New York City, my sister's in Brighton, England, and my brother is in Chiang Mai, Thailand (where, among other things, he plays bass in a moderately popular band). So the recording was done at a distance: I recorded my parts in my basement in Indiana and sent the tracks to him in Chiang Mai; he did his parts and sent them back; I had a couple more thoughts and recorded a bit more, and then I did the final mix.

The distance between us--the fact that it's only once in awhile that we return to the fold--was one of the big reasons I wanted to record this song with him. And then the recording made its official debut at a surprise 70th birthday party for my dad--an event for which my sister flew in from England and my brother flew in from Thailand (he could only stay for two days--he spent more time in transit than he did in New York). It was the first time I'd been together with both my siblings in three years, and the first time my father had seen the three of us together since my wedding in 1999. So the song really hit home.

Thanks for the kind words.
Just filed my royalties statement for the second quarter. At a rate of 4.55 cents per brother per copy, my work grossed the Finns $1.23 each for the quarter. Drink up, boys! This Coke's on me.

Maybe one of these quarters they'll have enough for a proper pint.
Wow, how cool! I got my copy a few days ago and have listened to it quite a bit, and jeff I have to say you did a truly fantastic job! I think it's so great that you did this, it's like the ultimate fan tribute to recreate the song.

Musically it's very tight, and I can definitely hear the passion with which you made this. The only thing I would improve upon (and this has been mentioned before in this thread) is to give the vocals more gusto. You just sound a little trepidatious - you can clearly sing, so your voice is not a problem, it's just a matter of giving it your all.

Thanks so much for sending me this! Interestingly, my family is in much the same situation as yours... I'm from England but live in the USA now, my sister lives in Thailand (in Sri Racha), and much of my family is back in England. I"m in AZ and my parents are in Washington. So I too relate to the songs lyrics.

I'd love to hear more about how the whole royalty thing works if you don't mind sharing. Would your agreement allow you to sell copies? What kind of rights do you have to the song? Is that 4.55 cents figure for every copy you make?

Anyway, thanks again for sending it to me. Great job. I'm impressed!
A quick story: there's an organic dairy farm a few miles from my house (actually within the city limits of Indianapolis, the 12th largest city in the country) that has a good farmers' market on Fridays, at which they serve a basic but very tasty dinner. A few weeks ago, we were waiting on line, when over the sound system came "Won't Give In." I turned to my five-year-old son (who is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum) and said, "You know this song--what is it?" And he looked at me very seriously and said, in a soft voice, "It's Daddy."

Not quite, Peanut. Not even close, in fact. But it's a lovely thought.

My prepayment of royalties permits me to distribute about 440 more copies of my recording, so feel free to ask for one.

(Another note on my son--a few days ago he was pounding on the piano when, quite by accident, he played a series of three lovely major-seventh and minor-seventh chords. I asked him what he was playing, and with a big smile, he said, "Gentle Hum." Kid's got taste.)

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