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Yeah... it’s not looking great for Hamilton or Napier (the first concert, at least). I’m gutted as I had 2nd row seats for the first Napier gig.

it’s technically feasible if the band and crew are allowed out of Auckland and if the venues can keep people in blocks of 100 and prevent them having contact with other blocks. Logistically and logically I can’t imagine how that would work though...

statement from the band ...

'In light of the just announced New Zealand Government restrictions on mass gatherings, the Hamilton and both Napier concerts on the Crowded House tour will be rescheduled to a date later in March.

At this time it is hoped that no other shows on the tour will be affected.

We encourage you to hold on to your tickets and we will announce the new show dates in the coming days. Ticket holders who may be unable to attend on the new dates will be able to obtain a full refund from the point of purchase. For any further ticket enquiries, please wait for updates or reach out to your point of purchase.' ...

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