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At the request of a member here, I have added a new forum for Neil's work with Fleetwood Mac. It's a bit of a spin off so it can certainly have its own forum.

Please head over there for all new Neil + Fleetwood Mac topics!

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Fleetwood Mac Tix, Boston @TD Garden: A,B,C sections (front of stage) $550 - 850.  Balcony $80 - 130.  At this venue, if you're not in the front section, the band look like ants.  Thus far, tix prices keep changing.  I don't want to miss out, if by chance the concert sells out but a nose bleed seat is so disappointing.  

We have one rule pretty much: mutual respect.

You're not breaking rules by posting in the wrong place. But you're unlikely to get replies since people won't see it. You might prefer people seeing what you posted.

People are asking me to move the Fleetwood Mac topics to the new forum, which I'll do tomorrow. Many members like things organized. 😁

Please feel free to repost in the new forum so people other than me will see it and reply. Optional!


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