just found on iTunes NZ now " Find Your Way Back Home"    what a surprise...!

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Very nice, hope it is available in the US, too. Neil has a big heart, always gifting songs to good causes.

It’s available for purchase in the US on iTunes and Amazon.

Quite a coup to have Stevie, Christine and Mike on board. Makes you wonder what a studio/songwriting collaboration of the full Fleetwood Mac lineup would sound like.

Effective video clip on YouTube too which likely benefits from featuring none of the performers.

I like it. I can’t wait to hear a collaboration with them that’s more upbeat though. Looking foreword to that because I’m sure it’s coming. 

Love Love this song and I am sure hardcore Stevie fans will love it too but I found myself wishing that Christine McVie's vocals had featured more prominently on it ,or had just Neil's  ..pure bliss the version he played on Fangradio on last Satruday's session. 

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