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Hi. I'm looking for two moderators for All I Ask, which is actually the most difficult forum to police here. You have to have all the typical qualities I look for in a moderator, but you also have to be unafraid of jumping in where people don't expect you to. People expect to post anything to All I Ask, and the reality is that we DO delete posts and sometimes entire topics that just don't belong on So it is work! It's not a laid back vacationy moderator position. Smiler

You can respond here or email me privately at I tend to pick people who've been around on the forum a long time, have the time and interest to do this, haven't been in forum trouble previously, and communicate clearly in writing.

Sadly, Anselm, who's done a fab job and is one of my fave people on the whole planet, will be resigning. So I'd like to replace him with two people if I can find the right two people! Thanks for everything, A!

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MANY thanks to everybody who wrote in here and privately via email. I do appreciate every offer I get!

Let's go with StepInMyShoes and TongueTied. I have a crazy busy day, but I will try to put aside some time over the next few days to email you guys how it all works and set you up.

Many thanks!!!

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