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Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself.

New to the forum, have been a big fan of all things Finn for about 20 years now.

A bit about myself, I'm a professional session musician/songwriter.

I'm English and moved to Hobart around 8 years ago as I have a couple of little ones over here. I travel backwards and forwards to the UK every 8 weeks or so for work which is tough but worth it.

Decided to join up on the off chance there's any Hobart fans around to chat to.

Not a big fan of the Fleetwood Mac move but the only reason for that is that I've never really liked Fleetwood Mac! 

Anyway, that's me!!



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A Lightning Seeds Fan?

Home of the original dizzy heights 😀 What do you think of Neil's version of the theme?  I actually prefer Ian Broudie's  ballad to Neil's tbh.  Although there some great Neil songs on his DH.

Hope you enjoy the forum, I think a lot of frenz are dubious about the FM collaboration, me incuded, only time will tell if Neil's bravery will pay dividends.  Shame it seems to be over shadowing Lightsleeper, Neil and Liam are great together on stage and a UK tour would create some much needed interest.



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Thank you all for the welcome

I like the Lightning Seeds Dizzy Heights album a lot, it was nice to hear more of a band sound than the synths and drum machines on Jollification.

It's interesting because I see Neil and Ian as opposite sides of the same coin, the Lightning Seeds stuff is in general pretty immediate and obviously 'hooky' whereas I find Neils work to be sonically deeper and not as immediate but longer term more gratifying if that makes sense!

But they are both incredibly talented writers in a similar sphere.

I do very much agree a UK tour would help an awful lot. Pretty much everyone I've introduced Neil and Liams stuff to has loved it so it's a bit of a shame, I hope after the Fleetwood Mac stuff it will get revisited

Hobart is a lovely part of the world if a little bit quiet for me most of the time. Being used to living in big cities that never shut it's quite bizarre when you can't get a pizza after 10pm!

The commute honestly is a killer, I spend most of my time either on a plane, thinking about getting on a plane or recovering from being on a plane.

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