New live album?

17-7-17-"Split Enz- Live, Alive OH" 

2 CD Live set will be released in Australia and New Zealand. 

Out on Liberation, it contains 30 Live songs. 

CD#1 from the Enz 20th Anniversary Tour of NZ 1993.

CD#2 from the Enz NZ Farewell Tour of 2008. 

More details as we get closer to release. 

Frenz of the Enz club members overseas will be able to get copies via the club. Huge thank you to Eddie for his efforts on this release.

Here you go :-)

gryphon posted:

Well for one disc two is NZ not Australia.  I'll have to check my song listings as I have a feeling Eddie might of used some live tracks from other NZ shows on that first NZ reunion tour too. 

Disc 1 is mostly Auckland with a couple of Plymouth tracks. I have no idea what the breakdown of Extravagenza is - if it's mostly or all Aus, then all of Disc 1 could be new as well. 

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