I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but I have just started a group on Deviant Art for fans of the Finns and those who have been inspired by them. Why? Well, there are Deviant Art groups for Guns'n'Roses (one girl has produced as many pics of Axyl as I have of Tim), The Beatles and WAY too many for One Direction so I thought, why not? 

Connect with other fans and share your original photos, artwork, songs and lyrics. You will need to sign up to Deviant Art, but that's free and from what I've seen, you don't even have to upload any artwork. Seriously, beautiful people, I need some members for my group!

I wanted to name the group, "Trip The Light Finn-tastic" but that was too long, so I went with "Finn-spirational". I made a very nice avatar, which you can click on to go to the group's homepage: 

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

My Digital Art, Poetry & Lyrics

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