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Ok. So apparently Tim and Neil have an albums worth of songs to record sometime potentially soon. What I'd like to know is if fans would like it to sound like Finn - Tim and Neil play everything, Everyone Is Here - full backing band or something else.

I'd like to see something more sonically closer to Finn. I'd like to see Tim's kids contribute too. Harper is an incredible new talent as both a producer as well as a singer/pianist. Elliott has an amazing voice too.

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I think if Neil and Tim turned up with a set of songs and tried a thousand times, for me they'd not be able to replicate Finn; for me there is something about the moment, where you are in time and how you feel which assist in defining the atmosphere. It is a wonderful and magical record.

I am more excited about the supposedly forthcoming reissue of Finn and curious to know what unheard stuff maybe floating around from that session; maybe not a lot as am sure I read that there weren't a lot of songs but there maybe some different takes of a couple of bits.

Am pleased to hear that they are maybe coming with a new record; I have liked both the Finn Brother records. 





Finn is definitely one album that doesn't appear to have much else to offer (at least that I know of) other than the 11 songs recorded in those sessions.

As @Jeremy Loder said, Mary of the South Seas is the only real candidate. The Finn Brothers' cover of Too Many People wasn't released until 2001, so that's not really relevant here either.

The only other original new songs I can think of that were played live on that tour were Astro and Water Birth. Astro (then titled Astronaut) ended up on Try Whistling This in 1998 and Water Birth (now titled Into the Water) ended up as one of the "new" songs on North South East West in 2009.

Compare that to Everyone Is Here, which had 17 songs recorded overall. Before & After had at least 6 tracks you could include on a bonus disc of that album, and Try Whistling This could have easily been a double album with 22 songs recorded in those sessions.

Some great live soundboard recordings exist from the Finn tour, so they would be a great addition, as would any demos that might exist.

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