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The official CH Instagram just posted a group photo from the last day of the tour, 5/28 in Boston. It was also a stealth album announcement. “Finished in Boston the same day we had our newly finished album mastered.” I know of at least five new titles. I heard four of them at both of the shows I saw- Some Greater Plan, Oh Hi!, The Howl, Life’s Imitation and All I Can Ever Own. The Liam-led The Howl is the standout for me. Hopefully more news in the next few weeks!



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For now there have been 8 new songs turning up here and there. I wrote down the (possible) titles: Some Greater Plan, Oh Hi, Life's Imitation, Blurry Grass, Magic Piano, The Howl, All I Can Ever Own, Can't Keep Up With You.

I listened to 5 of them on youtube. Judging by their live version, my favourites so far are Some Greater Plan and Life's Imitation. And I guess the second one might be the first single, cause it's been so often played during the shows.

Was wondering if The Howl was part Liam's Hyperverse project which I assume is due out soon.  Perhaps it started that way but has now been re-purposed as part of the upcoming Crowded House album.

I was really hoping that the new CH album would exploit more of the Neil/Liam harmony vocals which made Start of Something such a highlight of Dreamers for me.  But based on what's been previewed so far this doesn't seem to be the case.

Can't say that what's been previewed so far has grabbed me much - although Some Greater Plan has grown on me, particularly the descending background vocal lines (which appeared towards the end of the Australian tour last year).

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