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Aka o Miru posted:

I meant to post that Phil's website has been updated with ordering info for the signed CDs -

A couple of other updates there, including the news that 'Novelty Act' is now sold out in physical format, though you can still get it digitally via Bandcamp.

from Phil's bandcamp: 

"I have rebought 20 signed copies of the original album from a collector in Japan & am happy to make them available. I need to charge AUS$45 to recover the repurchase price. Shipping is free for AUS & NZ. These will be the last copies ever made available. There will be no re-issue.

Includes unlimited streaming of NOVELTY ACT ~ solo album 2006 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more."

I am interested to see what others think of the latest Judd release.

I tend to agree, Hellbilly59.

Whilst Neil and Tim's solo efforts and the Pajama Club and CH releases since 2000 are all quality records, Judd's efforts since returning to recording 10 years ago has produced the best work of his career.

For my money, UniQue would top of the list of "Best SE and related acts albums since 2000".

I have only seen one review of UniQue, which happens to place it in a Best of 2016 list.

I am a relative newby here and I must say that I had noticed a bit of something going on here, whether it be from the "site" or "fans" I am not able to make a judgement.

Me personally? I am unbiased! I love any great NZ Music!

Split Enz were great!

Post Enz Finn stuff was/is great!

Post Enz Judd stuff was/is great!

I just wanted to see if any other frequenters of these forums had listened to Judd's new album...

If the answer is yes, please share your thoughts...

If the answer is no, go buy it, then share your thoughts...


PS. Another great, though sadly overlooked NZ musician is Bannerman...

@hellbilly59.. yes, youre spot on there.. Phil and Peter Green had a falling out a few years ago, hence why there is no promotion whatsoever from Frenz, which sucks to be honest with you. You'd think that especially given the fact that if there was no Phil Judd, there'd've been no Split Enz, which means there'd be no Frenz.. So any personal issues they may have could be kept personal and Phil could get the little promotion he deserves as the others do, but sadly thats not how things operate around here.. but youd hope thered be some kinda professionalism going on behind the Frenz organisation and not let personal ****e get in the way of making sure the fans get to know when one of their favourite artists release new music.. it seems like a big casserole of nonsense.. stuff and nonsense..

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