Hey Frenz - In my civilian life I’m a writer, and have an essay coming out this month in a new anthology that is a fundraiser for breast cancer research and access to care. The book, entitled “Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in our 40s” (www.knowingpains.com) contains reflections by 40-something women about all sorts of aspects of life in this decade. 100% of net proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Action Network (www.bcaction.org)

My essay may be of particular interest to the Frenz community. “Fanning the Flames of Youth” talks about how important it is to have a passion in life as you age...and in my case how a 26+ year devotion to the music of Neil Finn has kept me youthful and focused, and enables me to rise above the temptations of Botox and facelifts. Here’s an excerpt:

"Speaking from my own experience, there are myriad tangible ways in which being a rock fan can keep a person young. Staying up to date with new music releases requires cutting-edge technological savvy. I bought my first Neil Finn music on vinyl when I was fourteen; his latest was downloaded to my laptop via a wireless connection and then transferred to my iPod. In order to stay abreast of his new projects, I, like Neil, have progressed from vinyl, to cassette, to CD, and now to digital downloading. Last weekend I spent an hour optimizing the media player on my laptop to watch a live Crowded House studio session, thereby adding another notch to my tech support belt on behalf of the man from New Zealand. I challenge any twenty year old to download a song faster than I do. Neil may be the reason I someday learn to text message.

Being a fan also provides a more compelling incentive for good health than any of the aging studies I’ve read in self-help magazines. Every two or three years, Neil tours with his band, including a visit to my town. That means it’s time to suck in my gut and put on my good concert jeans, high heeled boots and a shirt that communicates devotion just short of stalking. One never knows at which show one will finally be pulled onstage to sing along, or play ukulele, and one must be prepared. I have only to picture that magic moment as my Pilates instructor yells, 'Four more! Three more! Two more!' and I can dispel the image of my beating her with a handweight."

Half-Full and Texas Rose, you are name-checked further along in the essay...in the part about how being part of the Frenz community is good for cardiovascular health.

The book is available from Amazon and there are a number of readings planned, here in the Bay Area where I live and across the U.S. Check out the web site for more info and it would be great to have some FRENZ at the readings!

BTW I managed to get a draft copy of the essay to Neil via a roadie at the last Fillmore show in May…can only hope he got a laugh out of it!
Nancy "Gorhamgirl" Kho
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Originally posted by gorhamgirl:
Half-Full and Texas Rose, you are name-checked further along in the essay...in the part about how being part of the Frenz community is good for cardiovascular health.

Awwwww that's so cool Big Grin

I must get a copy of this!!

I wish I lived close enough to attend the readings!
Half-Full, I've got you covered. I'll buy you a copy at one of the readings this month or next (I see they're already back-ordered on Amazon) and send it to you, if you'll send me your mailing address via private message. Hope it lives up to your expectations!
This sounds like an excellent project. The part in your excerpt about climbing up the technology ladder because of love of Neil's music really resonates with me because it's more or less happened to me as well.

I'll check this out on Amazon for sure.

Good luck with it!
Well, you can tell I wrote the essay more than a year ago. Because I AM text messaging now, in part so I could connect with friends at the Fillmore shows in May!
atta girl. you're one up on me..i *can* text message but barely know how to and find it rather cumbersome. Big Grin
Originally posted by Martine:
i *can* text message but barely know how to and find it rather cumbersome.


I really like your writing style based upon what I read in the excerpt.

Congratulations for the inclusion of your essay in the book and for your charitable generosity. Best of luck with the readings and sales!
Hi gorhamgirl.
This is a book I'm going to have to buy!I loved this bit,'....a shirt that communicates devotion just short of stalking....',I've so been there!
I see that it's available on Amazon UK so I shall be ordering it from there. Big Grin
There's an idea for a new clothing line: concert wear for the aging fan--hipster on top, comfortable shoes below. And a Sharpie pocket.
and ibuprofen for general admission shows...

i was seriously considering bringing an anti fatigue carpet in may with me but figured it might be time to hang it up if i was that desperate Big Grin
That's the point of my essay; as we age, doing things like bringing anti-fatigue carpets (whatever THAT is) to a show is not a sign of desperation, but of a lifetime of devotion.

Of course I may be wrong, but I prefer my worldview.
an anti fatigue carpet is something that cashiers might use to save their feet and lower back. i had the brilliant idea that it might save my bacon at the next ch show...always thinking ahead Big Grin in the end, i didn't want to lug it with me, so went the comfortable shoe route (it didn't work) and the ibuprofen route (it worked ok, but i recommend red wine even more so)

i have ordered this book and look forward to reading the whole thing, especially your essay..i may have to show it to all my incredulous 40 something friends who think this passtime rather obsessive and strange.

i may have to show it to all my incredulous 40 something friends who think this passtime rather obsessive and strange.


Right now knowledge of my Finn-damania stays within the family and closest circle of friends... but I am scheduled to do readings in the Bay Area over the next three months, and will be "outing" myself as a Superfan to acquaintances through my kids' school, church, work etc. I may never be regarded the same way again, but hey it's all for a good cause!
just got my copy in the mail today. of course i ripped through it to your story. fabulously written-could totally relate to allllll of it.

and i love collections like this--a particular favourite "dropped threads" edited by Carol Shields is a firm favourite of mine, sort of in the same vein as this book that your story is in.

i don't want to ruin the story for anyone, but i am intrigued by the afterword and the compliment you received from mr finn... Big Grin
Thanks Martine - glad you liked the essay, and the rest of the book. It's only been in the last few days that I got to see the final product in its entirety so I've enjoyed reading the other writers' work too. Will definitely check out the Carol Shields book...

As for the meeting, well, it was last summer, post show at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. I had been watching a LOT of Flight of the Conchords all summer, and I was there with my friend who eggs on a mutual love of language mimicry. So what other accent WOULD I start chatting in?

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