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I wish I had more information. ALT recently created a fan page on Facebook and I was invited to join, which I did. They mentioned something about getting an email from the owner of the club they had played in; and to prepare for an announcement soon. The next day they posted pretty much the info I've posted above.

They've also created a bandcamp page, where new announcements are to be made regarding this release. (When last I checked it was completely empty though.)

Thanks Lance. it was a hugely pleasant surprise that PG sent out a FRENZ VIP email today with some info on this release that I’ll post below.

Geez I miss the Club but so good to see PG still being the keeper of all knowledge and distributing it out to us!

Info below:

November 30th 2020 will be the 25th Anniversary since ALT played at Tramps-NYC.  Recently the DAT surfaced of this show - and it sounds really REALLY great, a passionate audience too .

So I'll run some links below- fairly sure they won't be active till the 30th. It's great when such shows become available.
Here's the presave link for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal.

Pretty good show, sounds like these guys were having a lot of fun, and it comes through.

Also Liam's performance of "Amazing Grace/Will the Circle Be Unbroken" is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

Tim in interesting voice, he sounds very hoarse on his lower notes but pretty good up high.

I really enjoyed this. Interesting omissions were We're All Men (which usually was the opening song after each had done a song solo), Many's The Time (which had them tell the story about how the whole thing started) and Girlfriend Guru (which was a fun song live). I am guessing there was a bit of quality control and the guys didn't feel those songs were up to it. I was really pleased to see Mandala in there as that wasn't on Alt - Bootleg, and it was one I really enjoyed live.

It would be great to have a complete show one day, that includes the solo songs at the beginning. I saw their first ever gig (Wellington - Feb 1995), and it remains one of my all time favourite gigs. Musically it was loose (sometimes chaotic!), and in a pretty small and cramped venue, but so much fun. I thought the 3 of them were such a great combo - they are so different, but it worked in a really cool way. This release and Bootleg before it do capture some of that spirit, which I'm really grateful for.

If ever an album deserves a vinyl release then it's this one.

Personally, I think the Altitude CD is the best sounding CD that any Finn released in the nineties. (Note not the best, song-wise, though I think 10 or 11 of its 13 songs are great.)

However, I would be interested in hearing "We're All Men" on vinyl.  That was deliberately brickwalled to give it a unique sound -- the rest of the album is much more dyamic.

However, if there are bonus tracks or something, beyond the Japanese ones, I'm all in on a reissue.

Now Finn, on the other hand: I can only think that vinyl will drastically improve the sound on that one.

I have a theory that anything done by Tchad Blake, even if he just mixed it,  is actually best heard on vinyl due to his vintage equipment and recording techniques. CD would be fine but the tendency to compress CDs does not serve Tchad Blake well -- see also One Nil/One All, which in my opinion would be greatly improved with a vinyl master.

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