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All we know is that CH has finished their album.

I’m curious what the plan might be. I’m sure they had a careful timeline laid out for release, singles, touring etc...which got destroyed by the pandemic. It will be at least a year (probably) before any band can do anything resembling a normal tour. Are they planning to wait until then to release the album? If not, why wait at all, why not just put it out?

As for the album itself, I wonder if their lockdown performances offer any clues. Will it be a return to the classic style of the Froom-produces albums? Did they also welcome Bob Clearmountain or Tchad Blake back into the process?

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I’m trying to be oblivious to all the mechanisms of this album after being too connected and too attached to the Intriguer song versions auditioned on tour.  

with that said, there are some tea leaves based on Fangradio comments: 

My hunch is that Neil will have a bigger role in the production no matter if it’s a Froom/Blake project or not.

I also wonder how the Fleetwood Mac Tour, Neil singing and playing those songs will influence Neil’s songwriting and sonic choices. ( Froom also produced the last Fleetwood Mac release with new material. )  The song for Auckland’s City Mission was pretty straightforward lyrically, not his usual lyrical Impressionism.  More Christine McVie than Stevie Nicks. 

No matter how many tea leaves I read, I want to be surprised like I was on the first four albums. A great CH album would really restore my faith in the universe. 

I've no idea what to expect, and I kind of like that. Liam's mellow chorus-y electric guitar from the live-at-home takes we've heard so far doesn't get me going that much, but we haven't heard them attempt anything from Together Alone in that format, so maybe when he's playing things from that era, he sounds more like that era. It's a bunch of great musicians working with an extraordinary songwriter, so odds of it being worth listening to are extremely good. 


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