The Crowded House Facebook page just updated its profile picture to some new ambiguous artwork. Someone quotes Peter Green as saying that Nick will soon be visiting NZ. Between this and the new tour dates, as well as Neil’s guitar tech saying there was an upcoming “recording project” in 2020... can’t help but think there’s probably a new Crowded a House album in the works.


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Mica posted:

I think there might well be a new album, but these probably aren't the hints. I reckon Nick will just be home in AUS for Christmas. 

I took it to mean he was coming to NZ, but I can't find the original text. The key fact is Neil's guitar tech talking about a 2020 recording project in NZ in recent interviews.  It makes zero sense that Neil would be recording something other than Crowded House, given their sudden resurgence and touring schedule.

Just saw the news. Was thinking of opening a new thread, but then thought we've already voiced our feelings about that.

I'm looking forward to the dates I can go to (Manchester and London), but yes, firing Mark and Matt for nepotistic reasons is frustrating. 

Paināporo posted:

I’ve been waiting for Froom to produce a new CH album ever since he did EIH with Neil and Tim. That man knows how to make a good Neil song into a great one!

I agree.  I wonder if Froom is producing.  It’s an assumption I’ve made since he joined the band.  But it could be Tchad which would make sense, too.  

I wonder if Froom will play the part he did in the studio for the first three albums - keyboards and production. Main difference this time I see is that he'll also be doing it on tour too. Recording, Tchad Blake makes sense, again given the history.

Let's see what it all brings, but we know we are getting a new album. Neil has not lost his touch - Out of Silence was  great.

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