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Maybe its totally wishful thinking, but to me, the person (bubble) on the left, closest to whomever took the picture, looks like Nick Seymour... the other person on the right (blue trunks) , could be Matt.

It's true that there is no confirmation, but there's no reason why it can't be Crowded House (and family) in the picture.

Neil's upcoming solo dates, in no way have to be related to whatever album he's recording these days. Realistically, and based on history, this album probably won't see the light of day until much later in the year (if we're lucky).

Hi, everyone! Great news, indeed. Fingers crossed for next CH album, not only CH is my "favorit Neils child", but it means that we from south/east Europe can hope to see some touring near Croatia. maybe in 2017./18.   hipiyeyyeyeye

And another mystical question is: who is producer? We all know how important is that, specially on Neils albums.

Greetings to all you, fans, stay well

I don't have time to dig for it now, but Neil said fairly recently (radio interview I believe) that he was primarily focused at the moment on both a solo project, and a project with Liam. (this was AFTER another interview where he claimed he was working on 'everything' and wasn't sure what would emerge next)

So it's one of those two things.

It's not Crowded House. Sorry, I wish it was too.

Yeah, I think I read it too. But, you never know with Neil. Still hoping it would be at least Finn Brothers record, for touring sake. Solo projects or with Liam, who has in Europe status "who???" means only few dates in UK, which is too far and too expensive journey for me. And, for new record speaking, I would mostly love to hear new CH, honestly. 

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I'll take whatever he offers. Nothing he's released since 1995 matches the quality of those first four CH albums and, to be honest, I find there's little difference between the two newer CH albums and his solo stuff. If he wants to work with Mark and Nick, that's fabulous and I welcome it wholeheartedly. But equally, if he's got a new band on board, I look forward to whatever they produce immensely as well. I thought his last touring band was super.


Maybe its totally wishful thinking, but to me, the person (bubble) on the left, closest to whomever took the picture, looks like Nick Seymour... the other person on the right (blue trunks) , could be Matt.

I looked at it and I am affraid, Brando, you see what you want to see (like we all do)... I see Megan Fox and Charlize Theron in those bubbles

Well, if it is Crowded House I would say there would not be a lot of talk about it.

I can't see any reason why it would not be, its been a while since the last two now, and they were very laid back records, I definitely think that because that 5th album never got made the band are keen to make something to revive the groups musical direction, and the reissues would be a good reason for that too.

Neil and Liams solo albums were not being recorded till much recently so...

Yes I would say it is Crowded House, after all how could your instincts be wrong? 

Using their time wisely, so they can put it out without all the rush I would say.

Herbalife, you cant even imagine how I wish you are wright!

Not only that to me Neil is his best in whats hes done with CH - later listenings of Noncence of course and Loose Tounge from CH Deluxes  proved to me once more how much better even same songs sounds with CH than in solo projects , but also they (CH members) except Matt are or allmost in their 60s, so if we are looking at two solo albums (one of them with Liam) and one project with Tim after, when the next CH will be? In their near 80s? Will they have enough will and energy for that than, if they wont have now?

Plus, add to that I really dont have high expectations for that Liams colaboration thing, plus add to that any tour without CH wont be probably outside UK, which is too far and too expensive to me, you cant imagine any fan luckier than me if CH record is next.

But, I am affraid than it just wont be. As I recall media news from time of CH reunion for concerts in Sydney in 2016., they were practicaly each on his corner of this world before that concerts, and they were separated shortly after. I really hope I am wrong, but I cant see where and when they could record new album together.

I think the Liam and Neil album will be very good. 

But a new Crowded House album would be even better, their best in a long time, or Neil Finns best anyway.

And if they do a new album I would say it would be Mark and Neil and the other two perhaps not until they do some shows. They would have no problem using session musicians. It wouldn't matter that much.

They would not be leaving it to far into the future I don't think, I think because of the re-releases and reunion shows they probably would of knocked an album together early last year sometime to be put out sometime very soon. Perhaps later this year possibly.

And I don't know why your going on about them being in their 80s, if they aren't 60 yet...

Its just a shame they didn't reconvene 5 years later in 2002 or 2003 perhaps for a new record rather than leaving it so long. A missed opportunity.

I don't even know why they split up anyway, the should of just done two more records then called it quits, and they would probably be just reforming now. No one would mind I don't think.

Spirit of the stairs, Anthem, Taste of something divine, Instinct, not the girl you think you are, I'm so scare of losing, I don't know you like I thought and Everything is good for you are all easily I think their best collection of songs.

So I don't know if I would prefer if they recorded those ones for a new record or wrote all new songs. I'd like to hear them finished properly.

I never knew anything about a Tim Finn project, that is news to me.

All I knew is there was possibly another Neil Finn solo record and one done with his son.

I would say a Crowded House album would be first, after the first one I just mentioned.


To me (and with plenty of hindsight), Crowded House split up probably for a couple of reasons;

1. Neil had a young family back then, probably was tired of travelling and being away from them for long periods and his oldest friend had left. 

2. At that stage had been in bands for approaching 20 years and was worn down by the routine of write, record, promote and tour. 

3. Wanted to change almost for the sake of change. Try whistling this was/is a fabulous record. If you remember in those days the music press was tending towards Neil Finn as a modern day Beatle songwriter. 

I got so excited when I saw the New Album thread but I suspect with Liam having recently become a Dad, I'd be surprised if we get any record this year - perhaps a Neil solo record in the autumn.

I'm kind of in the place that so long as Neil continues to write and record, I don't really care what badge the disc comes with!! It does at least keep it interesting ��


Herbalife posted:


Spirit of the stairs, Anthem, Taste of something divine, Instinct, not the girl you think you are, I'm so scare of losing, I don't know you like I thought and Everything is good for you are all easily I think their best collection of songs.



I agree that they could have made an amazing album based on these. I've made it a playlist and listen to it often. Still don't think it is better than Together Alone, but a very solid base.

We've been promised two albums this year so much, that I will be very disappointed if things are delayed. It would seem that one needs to come soon, it would be odd to have them come out close together and then try to promote both.

I have high hopes for the Neil/Liam one, I enjoy much of Liam's work, though it has decreased a bit (to my taste, anyway) with each album. I'm hoping that working with Dad will get him back to the more melodic feel of I'll Be Lightening. I'm also hoping that it will be very much a family project, instead of a bunch of studio musicians backing them. I can't imagine Elroy not drumming for it, and Harper has been supporting Neil a lot on keys. I would love to see every family member involved in some way. I really can't think of a more talented musical family, period.

I really don't think the other will be CH. They WON'T go back to the above mentioned songs, and with the Nick Lunay work coming out on the deluxe reissues, I think that ship has sailed, too. So any new CH would start from scratch, and Neil just doesn't seem to me to be heading in that direction.  

Glad to see some discussion cranking up, the forum has been awfully quiet lately.

I think between the songs written for Finn, Try Whistling This and the songs that have appeared on Afterglow / Afterglow deluxe, c1994 to 1996 was a purple patch.

Id be curious to know what Neil thinks but sure I remember him saying that the Afterglow 2nd CD might be his Crowded House favourite (even if he doesn't do favourites)!

I wonder if the next record will be a scrap book / compilation of sorts that collect the best of the new songs written in the last 2 or 3 years - solo songs and collaborations with Liam, Tim and Mick Fleetwood???

Generally and sadly it feels as though the era of LPs / albums may be passing! 



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