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Time will tell the time!...

But if Neil Finns 3rd solo record had been the comeback Crowded House album, would anyone of been bothered? Certainly not, it would of been a great triumph!

And that would of meant the actual Crowded House record would be much better.

In my view and someone who preferred it if the band had made that 5th record, I think Time on Earth should of been Neils solo album, because only half of it sounds like the Crowded House I know.

And Intriguer is much the same. 

And yes maybe all these solo albums will get put aside for a new Crowded House album after all, it really is down to what is decided is the best idea at the time.

But all of them will go ahead within the next 3 years without a doubt.

The last album Neil did with that sound on the first 4 Crowded House albums was One All or One Nil, which I think particularly back in 2001 was a really overlooked record.

Since then apart from the Tim Finn record in 2004 its been mostly mis match of experimentation, which I am all for but I just wish that in future that whatever kind of musical ventures occur, its kept simpler and more to the point.

Out of all the music and albums, what was recorded and left off the 5th Crowded House album still interests me the most more than any of the other musical projects.

Still, PH got what he wanted in the end, 6 months work, 6 months off....and not a photograph will he have to put up with.


What a great thread. I don't  think  we'll  know exactly what is getting put out. As a self proclaimed perfectionist he is entitled to change his mind. I for one am excited. I do remember reading somewhere of Jimmy Barnes catching up with Neil also. I wonder if it will be an all stars cover album of other artists music? Or is this wishful too? Just a thought

It might be a better thread if there as an album to talk about (haha)

And yes, no one really knows, but my feeling is a Crowded House album (as I keep saying) will be sooner than later.

It won't be a labored over album either, it will be much more in line with that 5th record they never made.

Probably thanks to the Sydney concerts (where they left off)

It will be interesting for sure to hear what Neil and Liam do and as well as another solo record to follow on from Dizzy Heights.

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