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Originally posted by Groovycathers:
I find that if I raise my eyebrows when I'm singing high notes, I can usually hit the high stuff! It sounds crazy but it really works!) [/QB]
Actually that works because it ends up raising the soft palate in your mouth and makes more resonant room. I hadn't thought of that before, but I tought my high school girls to do it. Once they knew about it, they'd laugh when they saw the technique.
IMO Neil's range isn't out of this world, but his flexibility is pretty incredible. By flexibility I mean, the ease with which he moves around his range. For example the melody of "Distant Sun" comprises a range of 1.5 octaves, and it's a pretty angular melody at that, yet Neil bounces around those 1.5 octaves very comfortably.
I like his voice on Now we're getting somewhere,man does he get them words out!!!

But i think Neils voice is unique and thats why i love it.Only other singer's i like as much is propably Tom mcrae and jeff Buckley.Buckleys voice is infact amazing cause he can hit high notes so well.But then i like bruce springteens singing too and he is opposite.

RIP Paul
How hard it must have been for Neil and the rest of the group to sing anything after hearing of Paul's passing - can't even imagine how he must have been feeling - God knows its hard enough for us - those who loved Paul from afar to even listen to any of the music at preseent without howling - my heart goes out to you Neil - you are an angel here on earth - look after yourself - we all treasure you -

Love Always
I know remarkably little in comparison to so many of you out there but I agree that Neil has the voice of an angel, very pure and soulful.I think a little mortality should be allowed to show, it's just endearing, eg. in "I walk away", that huge intake of breath before he reaches that final note, I'll leave it to you guys to tell me how high it is. Seems tight undies could be the way to go for a live version..
Neil sounds perfect even when technicaly he might not be, meli you are spot on!
Thanks 4 listening to me rabbit on. x
My first post!

The thing that I think grabs one most in regards to Neil's voice is the tone, not the range. He does travel around in a song a lot more than many male vocalists are willing to go, but really it's that kind of God-given warmth to it that makes you want to wear out the CD. Especially now in his more recent work were, if you really listen, you can hear some age coming in there. He's not as clear as he used to be, but his voice always conveys this real emotional warmth where most men, when they bother to go for something other than anger, come off sounding kind of saccharine.

I'm not sure how much sense that makes, but I'm sure we've all run into other people in our lives where you could just listen to them talk all day because they just have great vocal tone.
I've been rediscovering my CH albums since the London Finn bros concerts. In talking about Neil's vocals the song Recurring Dream has caught my ear. Neil's voice is so raw, untamed, very emotional, so full and different here...

It takes me away every time.
What do you think?

Does anybody know the story behind that song / its recording?
Neil is one of the great male vocalists of all time, warmth, emotion, heartbreak, ectasy, subtlety, and good old fashioned rock and roll all wrapped up in one voice.

He can touch you in so many ways both with his melodies and his singing and having seen him live three times in the past six months, can only marvel at how versatile his voice still is. From belting out I Got You to the beautiful mike-free version of DDIO at the Albert Hall the other week.

Nicola's the singer in our house and can probably comment better on the technicalities, but for me earlier post summed it up when people said he had the voice of an angel, with a hint of Lennon and McCartney!

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