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If you just check a few posts back, someone else asked that very question. My thoughts were that it was one of the guitars that neil has picked up over the years, or as Neil recently tweeted a gift from sharon for christmas. I am positive that he never takes it on the road with him as ive never seen him play it live ever. My guess is that it is one of his many guitars that floats around roundhead. 

Zombie post I've been meaning to reply to for years, but forgot my login credentials.
The guitar and bass in the Split Enz "Straight Old Line" clip are a Daion Savage guitar and matching bass. These were made in Japan in the 1980s and have been out of production for many, many years. You can still pick them up on eBay for around $350-$450. I've read some really good reviews.
Finally glad to be able to get that off my chest :-)
Originally Posted by HiString:
Hi, this is my first post here and I'm hoping some knowledgeable people may be able to solve a mystery for me............I'm trying to find out what the guitar is that NF is playing in the video clip for Split Enz song "Straight Old Line" ( ), also the bass is the twin of the guitar.

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Originally Posted by Kid A:
Anyone know anything about this odd looking Kay guitar of Neil's?



that Kay probly sounds amazing recorded but i can imagine it would be awful for performing with on a stage under lights and variable temperature and humidity.

Who knows, it may actually be dead reliable ! A rough Les Paul copy. I'd love to know how many guitars Neil actually owns !

Some of the Kays were actually well made. They weren't all nasty cheap things sold at  Woolworths. Even if it was a poorly made guitar in the first place, it could have been owned by someone who renovated it. I don't know guitars as well as basses, but looking at it, it looks like one of the better ones to me. 


I wonder if it has single coil pickups made to look like humbuckers. 


Interesting thread here:


There is some really unusual looking instruments if I google on Kay Les Paul. But, there seems to be some family resemblence between Neil's guitar and a 1960s Kay Value Leader guitar.


(For some reason, I can't seem to insert the image as an image).

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Not one of Neil's, but a tribute to his work. I got myself a mint 2012 gold top Gibson Les Paul 70's Tribute (a modern reissue of the 70's Les Paul Deluxe Neil plays) for my birthday and decided to add a small customisation as a homage to one of my favourite Crowdies songs


The original pickup selector switch plate: Rhythm/Treble



The custom replacement switch plate: Whispers/Moans

Replacement switch plate


i got a replacement made in the aged cream colour too:


All three





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