This is interesting. Can any of you guys give me a some examples as to what pedals are used for what part of a song. For example, farewell to the world DVD, Neil uses a particular pedal in parts of Fall at Your Feet. I am interested, only a beginner but thought I might purchase a few.
The Boss DD-3 is used heavily. A great example is DOn't Dream It's Over - thats what gives the unique sound. In the pic the settings are spot on too for this :-)
Can any of you guys give me a some examples as to what pedals are used for what part of a song. For example, farewell to the world DVD, Neil uses a particular pedal in parts of Fall at Your Feet.

I know for the last two tours neil uses his Boss VB 2 for fall at your feet, he uses it for the intro and then when hes picking the second verse chords. Not sure about the farewell to the world version, wethere heuses anything at all. neil usually uses his hot cake for the solos and lead bits and more recently his tonebone and mudhoney II. Unfortunately you can buy Boss VB2s new anymore and theyre very hard to get a hold of second hand. A very goodcopy of the VB 2 is the behringer uv300. the only draw back is that its in a plastic chassis as opposed to the boss metal ones.
Guitars - Epiphone Les Paul '56 Goldtop, Fender Telecaster, Yamaha Acoustic

Amp - Marshall 30 watt

Pedals - Boss DD-3, Boss TR-2, Boss TU-2, Boss Distortion, Crybaby all located in a Boss pedalboard.

Extras - E-bow
My setup is:

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Martin D18
Amp: Vox AC15
Pedals: Boss TU2; Crybaby 535Q; Maxon OD-9; Behringer UV300; Boss DD-3

The Martin goes into a SansAmp Acoustic DI and then into the PA

I'd love a Crowther Hot Cake but $165 is a bit out of my current price range... still on my wish list.

I'm tempted to get a BBE Boosta Grande to use for solos but I haven't decided yet.
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Gibson melody maker

played through Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with Boss TU2 and OC3 and Ibanez tubescreamer
Not really a "setup" per se, since my playing is just sitting around the house mucking up music.

Dillion Gold Top Les Paul copy with faux Bigsby and P90 soapbar pickups.
Squier butterscotch "Tele"
Squier black "Strat" beat up to look a lot like Clapton's "Blackie"
Danelectro purple sparkle "toilet seat" 12 string
OLP purple fake "birdseye maple" Ernie Ball Music Man copy (looks like the one of the left here:
Yamaha F-160 acoustic dreadnaught from the 70s - looks like it's from the 30s :gSmiler. Actually one of the easiest guitars to play from a neck standpoint and has a great tone.
Michael Kelly acoustic OOO size Trio Rose solid spruce top (this is a great value guitar - solid top, abalone and nice wooden binding for around $400!)
VOX AV30VT modeling amp - this thing is great! Has a single 12AX7 preamp tube.
Sunn SR25 amp originally 220V wired directly to 110V which gives it a different transistor overload characteristic. Kids, don't do this in the opposite direction :g:
DOD Digital Delay Sampler pedal
Morley JD-10 "Jerry Donahue" Amp simulator box - can recreate anything from Van Halen to Sex Pistols. Doesn't make you play like them though. I want my money back! (just kidding)
Dunlop Univibe pedal reissue
Electro-Harmonix "Big Muff" pedal reissue
Panther compressor pedal
And I've got an "overdrive" pedal hanging around somewhere - might be a Boss

For a guy who can barely play, I seem to have a bit of gear. In my defense, I'm a guy on a budget and the most I spent on anything was around $400 new (the Dillion and the Michael Kelly, both bought new off of eBay). The two Squiers cost me $90 each brand new from a pawnshop. I got the Vox amp brand new in a pawnshop for $130. The Sunn amp cost me $70 back in 1989 when I was repping Fender in Germany and I got it for cost. Because the Yamaha was so vintage looking, I think I paid around $100 - I can't tell you how burnished and "used" this puppy looks and it's got a really nice warm sound to match its finish. By the looks alone, it should have gone for several hundred bucks easy. It's authentically "aged", unlike the Strat, which I aged by sanding, hitting, scraping and burning. Maybe I'll post a photo of the Yamaha...

It's amazing what you find in a Nashville pawnshop, although they price really choice gear dearly. They're not stupid.

PS, that "Gold Top" with the "P-90" can get that "woman tone" like you wouldn't believe. And that "spongy Neil Finn sound"? In spades. The "Strat" sounds like lame due to the pickups but the "Tele" definitely has that Telecaster sound and feel even though it's a little bit thinner than the real Telecaster. And if I want to do the Distant Sun thing? Well, the Danelectro fills the bill. It also works well for some REM but doesn't do the Byrds thing all that well. For that, you really need a Rick.
yes any info on setting of the vox ac30 or the fender deluxe would be great!!

noticed that neil also uses a lehle p-split. which comes straigh after his ac30.
My current live rig:

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Midi switching system: Voodoo Labs Ground Control

Pedals run through Voodoo Labs GCX:
Ibanez Tubescreamer TS808
Boss DS-1
Proco Rat
Electro Harmonix Big Muff (for lead)
MI-Audio Booster
Vox Wah
Digitech Whammy (arriving soon!)

Line 6 M13

Fender Twin Reverb RI.
Add a (used) metallic grey Fender Jaguar to Neil's guitar collection - he used it for the first time at the Woodinville show on Saturday, and said he had picked it up at Emerald City Guitars in Seattle that day - forget which song he used it for in Woodinville, but he brought it out again for "Whispers And Moans" the following night in Vancouver.
Nice work Jaffaman!

This looks to be the very guitar Neil bought - it exhibits what appaears to be the same damage to the finish above the nut on the headstock.
I love jaguars, used to have one in a nice blue but had to sell it to fund a trip to nz last year, wish I hadn't..
Just out of interest, does anyone know anything about Mark Hart's guitars? I seem to recall him using a red Gibson 335 and a Les Paul gold top (among others).

The gold top, unlike Neil's, has full-size humbuckers, so got me wondering if it was an original 1957, or a reissue?

in relation to marks goldtop,it is a les paul deluxe, which leads me to believe that it did at one stage have deluxe mini humbuckers in it, with the boo boo rings. the mini humbuckers are smaller than standard humbuckers, and the boo boo rings compensated for the extra space. i think they would have been replaced with standard humbuckers of some sort.
Just bought this month's issue of "Guitarist" magazine, which has a feature on the "101 best ever stomp boxes".

There, at number 63, is the Crowther Audio Hot Cake - complete with a photo of Neil and him listed as one of its "famous users".
Here's a pic of Neil's old (discarded) Roland RE-201 tape echo unit.

Second box from the top. I've still got one somewhere. Gets great warm sounds and adds some depth to the sound. Not sure if Neil used tape echo on the guitar on the debut Crowded House album or not (tons of echo on Don't Dream for instance) - he was on the cusp of moving to digital at that point (Yamaha SPX-90 I think he moved to next).
Just wondering, with the huge amount of signature guitars Gibson does (list includes Jimmy Page, Slash, Randy Rhodes, Eric Clapton etc etc) if anyone on here would be interested in a Neil Finn version?

I imagine it would be his early 70s Gold Top - and Gibson tend to do three different versions. First 50 are aged (to look just like the real guitar) and signed by the artist, about 100 then just aged and maybe another 200-300 VOS (vintage original spec, i.e. unpolished finish).

What do we reckon - any interest in something like this?
I would love if something like this became available!!! i bought a reissue gibson les paul goldtop with p90s and i ripped them out and put in mini humbuckes, but to have something like neils guitar would be amazing!
For fellow FX-nerds, here is a pic, thanks to vicarious, of Neil's pedal-board from Komedia (and Scala). Compared to a year ago, the T-REX Reptile didn't make it this time, nor did the VB-2. But there is a FREEZE sound retainer from EHX, which I hadn't seen before. It was put to good use...

Apologies, but I can't get the actual pic into this post, hence the flickr link... Frowner
If you are going to have any Finn guitar it surely has to be the firebird *drools uncontrollably*

Very true, he himself has said many a time that its his favorite stage guitar

Great to see another pic of his pedals, surprised not to see the vb 2 there, ususally uses it for fall at your feet, but i guess because of the solo gigs, he didnt think the need to use it.
I think that's true, Sam. This is a slimmed-down choice for a "slimmed-down gig", (if I may put it like that). He didn't play acoustic guitar, so he didn't need separate tuners. It seems he decided also that he didn't need the redundancy with the analogue delay boxes.

The song choice certainly played its part.
Well with the delays, i know that he ususally keeps the dd3 on an infinite delay, that he used for the opening of the 2010 tour, and crazy sounds in hole in the river, or private universe, he uses the memory man for the normal delays in songs like ddio and dsn and whispers etc.... thats just going by the setting he had on them from the pic of his board on the ch 2010 tour
I'm very happy to provide the photograph but don't have the foggiest idea what you lot are on about Big Grin. I just love the noise it all makes Smiler
That Freeze pedal that Neil was using looks interesting - anyone know which songs he uses it on? I play in a three-piece and reckon it could be useful to "fill out" my guitar sound. Cheers Smiler
Originally posted by Finntastic Mr. Fox:
Just bought myself a firebird. Such a sweet guitar. I can't seem to put it down. I have a rickenbacker 325c58 too. Love them both.

Nice - would love to see pics Smiler

Nice - would love to see pics Smiler

Did not go for the exact firebird that Neil has. Firstly because I am not him (obviously Smiler) and secondly because I preferred the overall look and action of this guitar.

Have included a few pics of my Rickenbacker 325 aswell. It is the first Lennon 325(c58). I added the Bigsby because the Kauffman tremelo was a total dog.

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