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I'm kind of an astrology freak and have many books on the subject, but yeh it's hard to do a birth chart if you dont know what time he was born. Anyway, if you combine the sun sign (gemini) with his chinese horoscope (dog) it says 'he often lacks inner balance, as he is always edgy and on the defnsive. He adopts extreme, conflicting attitudes, as if to emphasise the duality belonging to the sign of Gemini. The more he appears fatalistic and clear-headed, going out of his way to be derisive and cynical, the more he pretends to be a carefree, unrealistic, fanciful, exuberant person. Whichever is the real persona, he has difficulty in taking life or himself too seriously.'
I remember reading that both Finn brothers were born at home (rather than a hospital), Teasdale Street in Te Awamutu. While that would certainly help in figuring out the birth-chart stuff you're talking about, I think you also have to know what time of the DAY someone was born, don't you? You might get a reasonably accurate birth chart based on date and location, but when I did the ones for my kids a couple years ago, the exact time of day was a factor.
Hey Girls!
Who agrees with me:
being the crazy, creative and inquisitive Gemini that I, too believe he is, (with all his little quirks.....)
don't you think that his ears must be burning just a weeeee bit right now, with all this talk of arrogance etc.????
Roll Eyes Big Grin
I've got one of that species here in my house:
my sweet daughter...who was born 3 days before Neil!
We had tickets to see Crowded House at the NEC around that time, and my husband refused to let me go because I was overdue with her and he didn't want his child being born in front of the band!! Big Grin

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