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I had planned on being on here hours early, but sadly I have been watching the news about the Space Shuttle all morning. Just 3 days ago my husband and I watched a program regarding the anniversary of the Challenger explosion - we thought "never again could it happen."

First, it came close to being a night where every anxiety dream I had regarding going to Neil's concert came true!!! I began to be afraid they weren't coming!!!! They didn't get on until a little after 10 o'clock. My husband was amazed how calm & patient everyone was during the endless wait. Some brainiac sent them from NYC to Philly via TRAIN! AUGH! yeah, Amtrak got them there, barely! Not only did they arrive by train, they had to transfer trains at Penn Station! Thankfully the Pop Music Gods saw fit to allow them an encounter with a very nice couple who were taking the same train to Philly to see Neil's concert and helped them along! Then poor poor Sebastian had all sorts of problems the first couple of songs - strap broke, things weren't working and were missing. But as a gift we got "Lester" as Sebastian was straightened out!

The young guy who opened for him ended up playing for an hour - longest opening act I ever saw - lol! He did a good job, had a lot of young fans in the audience and seemed to have a skeleton composed of rubberbands - a very energetic kid to say the least!

Neil? OMG, where do I begin? I had waited and wanted the experience of seeing him perform since 1982! I can vividly recall the 1st time I saw One Step Ahead on MTV. Living in the woods of Northern New Jersey, boys never looked like that (hubba-hubba!) and I never heard anything like them before! I swear I am struggling to find the words to convey my pure joy and excitement over the whole evening! Neil looked so very very fine and sounded great! I danced and sang my heart out - every song made me scream and whoop in delight! We were down on the floor, to the right of Neil, about 5 people away from the stage. What an experience to look to my sides and watch the audience sing along! My husband declared his new favorite song to be "Pineapple Head" - origins of the song cracked him up, being that we are parents! The women standing to my side had me write down for her the title of the "Seven World's Collide" CD - DVD, after she heard Neil sing "There is a light." He sang every freaking song I can thing of - lol! Told oodles of stories, was as charming as all get out!! "Lullaby Requiem" made me cry & really made me long to be on my way home to our little ones! Added bonus - back home in time to catch our man on "Conan" & taped it when it our Los Angeles broadcasted it (hooray for DirecTV!).

It was perfect and wonderful. Absolutely everything I could ever want and more.

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Great report on the show! Odd they took a train...sounds like something out of "Some Like it Hot"...where is the bus this time around???

I CANNOT wait until his show in Chicago next company's HQ is in Plano, I have heard so many people I know giving reports on tv of the shuttle accident. It is so sad...with all that is going on in the world, we need some cheering up.

Strange time for Neil to be in America...first in DC at the State of the Union, then this...
If you leave NYC at 6:30 by car you get stuck in bridge or tunnel traffic- Manhattan is an island. It was raining in NYC on Friday afternoon, which makes traffic worse. The tour bus probably got to Philly earlier in the day so as to set up the equipment and take everyone and everything but whatever Neil absolutely needed for his Conan appearance. Amtrak Train is the best way to get from NY to Philly. The train probably originated in Penn station, and I'm pretty sure a limo took them from NBC studios at Rockefeller Center to the train station. The problems with instruments and gear during the Philly show that some describe make some sense, since they, themselves, did not have an opportunity to do a traditional sound check earlier in the afternoon. This is pretty much all speculation, of course.

Mari G

ps As far as Neil being in the US when tragic stuff like this shuttle vanishing occurs, I suspect that he's a mature, thoughful person and his fans, as I know from hanging around this forum, are also thoughful and sincere people. I would think that he would see this as an opportunity to share and be shared with rather than just lamenting his bad luck because something tragic has happened while he's here. Boston will have to tell us if he mentions it at all.
My friend, a publicist, very familiar with the talk show circuit and I had talked about the whole logistical nightmare of NYC/PA on a Friday night earlier in the week. We had assumed (and we all knows what happens when one "assumes") that mode of transport would be helicopter or plane. Oh we were seriously wrong! I guess when PG said this was a bare bones tour, he wasn't kidding! When hubby & I arrive last night at 8, the bus was already there and we, again, assumed (there's that word again!) Neil & friends were inside. I seriously doubt any of them had time to eat supper! A very thoughtful woman working there brought Neil a glass of red wine once he had settled in on stage!


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