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Drivetime radio on BBC radio 2 had a vote tonight for a live performance play.
To my sheer joy a solo live performance of 4 seasons in one day won! I just caught the tail end of it but would have missed it totally if it wasn't for my hubby risking a hefty fine and ringing me from his mobile while driving Eeker

The Neil fans are out there and voting with their digits!!! Big Grin
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(Surfaces from Frenz archives looking dusty!)

I voted with my digit! It was a good performance, I'm glad he won but then again he was only up against Daniel Beddingfield and Mel C! Who the hell wants to hear Mel C 'shout' live!Even the DJ Stuart Maconie said 'thank God!' when he won.

(descends back into the bowels of the archives!)
Let me help you with all that no wonder you're coughing! Yeah, I heard him say Thank God Big Grin .
Given that Daniel Beddingfield is a lot more in the public eye these days I was still suprised Neil won competition at all in my eyes of course.
I reckon the Neil fans are more pro action when it comes to this sort of stuff. Not forgetting CH fans, they got the guys on to TOTP2 this year too Smiler

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