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Well, I cried 5 times the first night (mostly happy tears)I also grabbed Liz when Spirit started (sorry Liz)and bit my finger (my tears were'nt because it hurt Wink) Cried again during Love Is All That Remains..............Holy heaven above, Neil played Love Is All That Remains!! seriously

PLUS a gorgeous version of Try Whistling This (cue more tears)
If one could harness the amount of emotion in the room, one could power the world for many years.

Something very very very special

Thankyou, Neil for inviting us to be part of two moments in time that I will never forget
I've seen the Crowdies twice now since they reformed. I have to say I miss hearing Neil's solo stuff and being a very selfish fan I actually preferred it when Neil was solo as you could see him in smaller venues.

So these solo gigs sound amazing. The best Finn gig (and my all time best gig ever) was a Finn brothers gig in the Union Chapel ( a church) in London. It was semi aucostic with just Neil and Tim - guitar and drums - magical.

So I'm far from surprised these solo gigs are magical. Also it must be great to hear more of a varied set list. To be honest with you I'm bored with hearing just a CH only set list. Neil has done so much in his 30+ yrs and I've been a fan since I was 12 (I'm 43 now) and I don't want to hear just one part of his career - so I think these solo gigs serve a purpose not just for us fans but for Neil too.

I wish Neil would do a solo show in Peterborough. Now there's a dream!
What a beautiful list of songs! Just reading it makes my heart warm and feel better. Wouldn't it be great to have that recorded ! Spirit of the Stairs I've been waiting for, heard it a while back and it is forever burned in my brain in a good way and I've been hoping it would be released like I heard, raw and awesome.
So jealous of this show I was not a part of, but thankful of the times I am able to witness the magic of the wonderful music that still won't quit !

_-La La La

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