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First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone. I am new to this board. I have been a long time Neil fan, and I actually just got back from the Detroit show tonight. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.
here's the setlist for anyone interested:
Last one standing
driving me mad
locked out
one step ahead
gentle soul
last to know
not the girl(wasn't played, but on the setlist)
gentle hum
fall at your feet
hole in the ice
human kindness
distant sun
she will have her way
encore break
history never repeats
loose tongue
encore break 2
wherever you are

This was a great show.
Neil took request, and he even took mine of I see Red. I was right in the middle, up front, first row. I had such a great time, and hope that this board is as good as the PEarl Jam BBS board.
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Hello! I'm another forum newbie and a longtime Finn fan. I was lucky enough to catch the Detroit concert as well. I've been dying to see Neil live since 1986, but bad timing, bad kharma and bad luck have foiled me along the way. But it happened at last!

The show was incredible! Well worth the long, cold wait out on the street. Edveddmfc, I must have been right behind you because I was in the second row dead-center with the mic. And there was Neil Finn not seven feet away. Neil Finn! After all these years, it's deliciously surreal, like landing on a comet.

Edveddmfc, I hope you had a hanky handy during Rhett Miller's sweat-n-saliva shower of an opening set. Crazy energy, though.

It's funny but, after years and years of anticipation, actually seeing Neil in concert went way beyond my expectations. How many things can you say that about?

Neil ran a great gamut of humor, soulfulness and rocking the house down. I loved his imitation of Johnny Cash doing a cover. He seemed so casual and personable. And despite tearing up his index finger three-quarters through the show, he just kept bringing it on. What dedication and love of music!

A fantastic show! I will cherish it for rest of my days. As I told my wife: ok, now I can die happy.

Greetings! I just flew in from Las Vegas (and, man, are my arms tired! LOL). Wonderful trip, wedding was fun, we lost money. More about that in the "I'm getting married!" thread in AIA...

Back to Neil. What a show! Rhett WAS a little spitty and sweaty! We were hoping that Neil would get a new mic (luckily, he did!). Met a few lurkers....(Hi, Rob, hi Allison! Hi Missy!) and I think edveddmfc is either Rob or Allison, thanks for posting!! " I can't do this all by myself, people!" ((grin))

Waiting outside before the concert, we saw Sebastian, who said he'd let us in if he could. Then, The Man comes strolling out, and I got to chat with him for a minute. Surreal (and very chilly) moment. He got on his bus, and we speculated that he was probably in there saying, "Look at those fools, freezing in the wind!"

The concert was amazing. Even better than Chicago, IMHO. Gentle Hum gave us all chills, Neil had us humming along. Then, he wrote us a song after someone sent an airplane up asking for a song called "Where Have All The Gods Gone?". He also jammed along with a radio station that was coming in through the wah-wah thingy. Neil seemed relaxed, in a good humour, and playful. He smiled a lot, and joked with us.

I liked Rhett Miller---his songs were catchy and the lyrics were witty. He's someone to watch, no doubt.

All in all, a really great night. ((sigh)) Now, we have to wait for the Neil-and-Tim tour!

Smiler Smiler Smiler

Finally getting a chance to post my comment on this show. (I promised Valerie!) All I can say is that it was well worth the wait. Both the wait in the cold and the wait since Neil PROMISED he'd come back to Detroit back when he played Clutch Cargos in support of "Try Whistling This".
I agree that the impromptu "Where have all the Gods gone" song from Neil was inspired. I loved it. Proves once again what a genius he is.
I had two airplanes go afoul, but he played both songs anyway. And many other of my favs. I felt blessed. I wish he would have played "Wherever you are", (I glimpsed it on someone else's cherished set list...) but I think he did "Sinner" instead. Not a bad alternative. Of course, Neil could play for hours and still not exhaust all of my favorites...
I hope the small crowd was not a deterent to Neil playing Detroit again. Maybe another venue would be better. How about an Ann Arbor show next time!
Yay, Goddess! I hope you didn't freeze too much getting to your car---that 1-1 tee-shirt kept you warm though, right? LOL

Yeah, unfortunately, both of her airplanes went into the No Man's Land (they had a barrier up--I think most of the time, the bands and the crowd that are there need one)---Neil said he thought there might even be sharks down there. Then, poor Rob tried to sail a Bandaid for Neil's injured finger and THAT went straight down too! Smiler
But Neil played both songs anyway. The power of positive thinking, eh?

It was so cool to meet up with new frenz there. It just proves my theory that we are the coolest geeks anywhere!


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