Hello, everyone!


I am new here, but so far enjoying every moment.  From reading through some past topics, everyone seems so nice and fren-dly.


I was wondering if anyone had some bits of Neil's handwriting that they could send me.  I was thinking about getting some CH lyrics tattooed, but I would love for them to be in his handwriting!  I would much appreciate it!


Thanks in advance!


Anyone can tell that I'm not lying....

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Here's a screenshot that I grabbed from the NilFun archive. (Can't remember what song it's from). If you want a better copy, DM me.

Not sure if it was you, Noni, who I already said this too: Do not get the writing tattooed too small! I made that mistake and the black ink ran under my skin, making the writing blurry and illegible.

What lyrics are you thinking of getting done?

You did not say that to me, but I have read that. Thanks for the heads up!

I've always thought I'd get "seven worlds will collide", but my all-time favorite Neil song is Devil You Know. So now I am doubting myself! If I ever met him and had the opportunity to ask him to write something down for me, I'm not sure in the moment which I'd choose.

Thanks for the sample of his writing! I would love some more pictures if anyone has anything!

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