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Perhaps of marginal interest to many (and a little too late for most to catch it), and perhaps most of you will question my TV viewing habits (and taste?), but anyway...

Neil's "Last To Know" was played during a new episode of "Everwood" tonight... (a rather poignant moment--of course Smiler ), and he was mentioned at the end...

Am I remembering correctly that he was once played on... "Felicity"? I think it was "She Will Have Her Way"?
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Well, you beat me to it pinahead, and I won't question your taste at all because my dear brother Tom happens to play Dr. Abbott on Everwood. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Anyway, I was just going to post the good news about hearing our very own Mr. Finn on the WB tonight, but saw you already posted it. For those of you who'd like to see it with your own eyes, they replay Everwood on Sundays (at like 4 or 5 Central time, I'm not sure). Check it out. Almost the entire song plays quite clearly during a party scene, then there's a nice plug for the album at the end of the show.

As long as we're on the topic, I'd like to direct everyone to my post in the All I Ask section called "VOTE FOR EVERWOOD." Now I know it's a little sappy and not the best show you'll ever see, but it's pretty good and has some shining moments. I was asking all my Frenz to vote for it for the People's Choice Awards (go to [URL=][/URL] because of my family connection to the show, but NOW all you Neil Finn fans have another reason to vote for it! YAY! Wink

Now I need to start harrassing my brother to find out who's the Neil Finn fan on his show and get them to play MORE Neil!

Hey there. I heard it too and a did a little dance around my apartment when they did the little "Music on tonight's episode of Everwood by Neil Finn" announcement. Yeay Neil! (and what appropriate lyrics for someone finding their way 'back' from a coma)

I like Everwood. I actually usually see it because it's on after my favorite show 7th Heaven, which I like b/c it's so simple and positive - except for some of their new characters (yikes!) Everwood brings me nostalgia for my days in Colorado.

Thanks for sharing your familial connection, Grace - tell you brother I think he does a great job on the show. Do you know, Grace, is it a SAG or an AFTRA contract? Your brother is probably in both unions... ?

Anyway, thanks for posting - I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one dancing around.
Ok, so being a completely curious person (I haven't really had the chance to see Everwood), I thought I would go to the WB site and check out Grace's brother and then see what else I could find out.

And sure enough, I came across this Neil link on Everwood's homepage:

Please read and scroll to the feedback section at the bottom of the page. You can submit feedback!

Enjoy! Smiler
Here, try this link:,10943,86322,00.html
That should take you right there.

And thanks you all! I will pass your kind words on to my brother. I'm afraid I don't really know what contract my brother has, but he's been in the business for many years now so I imagine he's both...maybe?

It is always so cool to hear Neil's music somewhere besides my own cd player. I was very excited as well. A bunch of people posted really nice feedback, are they all Frenz?
Hey Jill
Graphic designers rock! I bet you work on better projects than I do, though. You couldn't possibly work on lamer ones.

Hey back atcha, Lavar!
Did you move? I thought you were from Michigan!

Anyway, back to topic, I left feedback and it seemed like some of the other feedback was from Frenz by the way it was worded. I want people to discover what we already know, that Neil is awesome! I just want to still be able to get tickets to his concerts. Selfish of me, but true.

Actually, you're wrong..."She Will Have her Way" was played on Felicity, in the episode where she was trying to chose between going to Berlin with Noel or cross-country with was on in the Cadillac Ben was hired to drive cross-country, when Felicty wa sitting with him. Being anal and a Finn fan, I noticed that. It was barely on, but still. The "Sports Night" episode was much more...I keep expecting it to come on "Six Feet Under", since I read Krause is a big fan and he's on that show now...????

..also the "Everwood" thing is funny. I don't watch it, but a woman I worked with who has no idea about Neil except that I love his work loves the show and said to me, "That Neil Finn guy you like was playing on 'Everwood' the other night..." to which I was like, "What??? Which song????" very cool Neil is getting out there again.
Ben is such a loser!! Noel is who Felcity should be going for. (Just got into this show)

Is anybody watching the re-runs on WE currently or is familar with the show? I'd be interested to know if we can anticipate SWHHW. They just had the episode where Ben and Fel have broken up but he brings a date to thanksgiving. And Noel was robbed by a prostitute.
..."Felicity" was THE BEST show on non-cable tv! Now all that is good is "Alias", but they have not been wise enough to put on Neil yet...same producers as Felicty, so I am hopeful.

...Yes, Scott Spedman who played Ben has said what a Finn fan he is, but his character did suck. Noel was better...but Scott Foley who played him seems like a dork in real life: he is Kenny Loggin's #1 fan! But he is married to Jennifer Garner, Sydney on "Alias", so he can't be that bad, I guess.

I read how theWB and "Fastlane" on Fox are going to put more singers/bands playing on the shows, like "Charmed" and "Sabrina" have done, so it would be pretty funny to see Neil play on one of those perky little Sabrina goes to see Neil, it would be priceless!
Are you kidding?? I love Noel. Okay, it's a little weird to hear that one of Scott Foley's favorite artists is Kenny Loggins, but I love him!! It's taken me a while to warm up to "Alias" because I've been so thoroughly jealous of Jennifer Garder - starting from the days when she played Noel's ex-girlfriend on "Felicity". I have no opinion on Ben. I haven't seen the show in a long time - is the wonderfully flamy manager at the coffee shop still there?

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