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All right, I caught the last 30 seconds of this--he did ---I'm so flustered, I'm not sure if he did DDIO or FAYF???

Apparently he did one other song earlier in the show?? DId anyone see this?? If so, what did he sing and did he sit down and have any conversation with Mike Bullard??

Sheesh!!!! I'm really sad I didn't know about this. Is Open Mike repeated the next day or later on in the week? I have to admit, I only ever catch it when I'm channel surfing.

Anyone have any info on this?
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I saw the whole show - it was great. Neil was the first guest and was interviewed for about ten minutes. The interview consisted of Mike Bullard insisting there were crocs and kangaroos in New Zealand and Neil correcting him; and then Neil telling a story about being kept awake by some people having a loud party the night before the opening 'Seven Worlds' concert.

Neil then went on to perform Human Kindness (without a drummer - only Steinberg and Sullivan as backup). Neil returned to close the show with 'Don't Dream its Over'.

Another high point was when a guest (Shamus from Canada AM I believe) refered to Neil as the best pop musician in the last 25 years.

Unfortunately I don't have any info on repeats - sorry!

I taped this last night (thanks to Martine for the "heads up").

I thought the performance of Human Kindness was good except I couldn�t hear Shon�s guitar at the beginning of Human Kindness � technical difficulties?

IMHO, Mike Bullard always razzes people and tries to push their buttons (in a friendly way) and I think that�s why he went on about the Australia/NZ thing. My sister and her husband were in Toronto a few years ago and went to see a taping of the show. They were in the audience and he picked on them for at least 10 minutes. It was hilarious � he teased them about being yuppies and not being able to the name of the Mayor of Edmonton fast enough (you had to see it to laugh). Anyway�. I though Neil handled himself perfectly � what a class act he is! Big Grin
Well, I'm glad SOMEBODY saw it. I find it somewhat odd that the day Neil appeared on Conan O'Brien that I got 3 emails from NETTWERK alerting me to the fact that he was on Conan, but nada regarding his appearance on Open Mike.

I emailed Open Mike last night and they said as well that it would be repeated on Tuesday afternoon and then that's it. So, I've just gotten that email now and the time has come and gone. Well, hopefully it'll turn up again at some point. My consolation is, I'm seeing the REAL DEAL in 13 days so, I'll try to get over this (grin)

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