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Where’s My Room Tour of Aotearoa 2018 - Jan 3 Barnett Hall, Piha
Jan 4 Warkworth Hall, Warkworth 
Jan 5 Coronation Hall, Waipu 
Jan 6 Kaiwaka Memorial Hall, Kaiwaka 
Jan 9 Tauhei Memorial Hall, Tauhei Jan 10 Tirohanga Settlers Hall, Tirohanga 
Jan 11 Pirongia Hall, Pirongia Jan 12 Buckland Hall, Pukekohe
Jan 15 CHB Municipal Theatre, Waipawa 
Jan 16 Himatangi Beach Hall, Himatangi Beach
Jan 17 St Peter’s Village Hall, Paekakariki 
Jan 19 The Gaiety, Akaroa Jan 20 Oxford Town Hall, Oxford 
Jan 21 Lake Tekapo Community Hall, Lake Tekapo Jan 23 Hawea Flat Hall, Hawea Flat 
Jan 24 Athenaeum Hall, Arrowtown 
Jan 26 Owaka Memorial Hall, Owaka 
Jan 27 Milton Coronation Hall, Milton


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Very pleased for you Axver - you must have been quick! I got on immediately, but they were already sold out (I think I stumbled for a few seconds on my phone with the drop down for selecting the ticket numbers). I swear they must have all sold out in under 10 seconds!

I was looking forward to Paekakariki as it is closer to home than Wellington, but missing out has now given me a chance to see a town in NZ that I have never been to before (Kaiwaka). Thankfully flights from Wellington to Auckland were going cheap. It should be a great tour...

The following songs were on the printed set list for the opening show at Barnett Hall, Piha:


(we know what it means)

Not sure if this mirrors exactly what was actually performed because they also played I See Red and encored with Four Seasons In One Day.
I'm told Tim Finn made a guest appearance for the Split Enz songs and Four Seasons.
I'm The Man That Will Find You is a Connan Mockasin song.
Worth The Wait is an Elroy Finn song.

A few titles on there that hadn't received a previous airing.
"Where's My Room" may be the Neil/Liam album title track - it's on the set list and lends itself to the tour title too.

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Ghosts is amazing as are most of the new songs, but that was the stand out song for me  - In terms of what they sound like, it's something like what would happen if you crossed Dizzy Heights with Liam/Connan's sound.

Went to the Warkworth show and was really impressed with the new songs (will be great to hear them on an album so it's possible to really concentrate on the sound - show had a few issues with many of the crowd [at least where I was standing] expecting a greatest hits of Crowded House and Split Enz show, when probably 60%+ was new material, which resulted in a lot of drunken talking over the top of the music #grrr  - would have been great if there'd been a fan-club only gig so there would have been people who would actually appreciate the music and taken the time to listen as these new songs have potential and deserve to be given a chance)

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Hey folks - here is what was on the official set list for Kaiwaka:

Meet me in the air *
Any other way *
Listen *
Better to be
Back to life *
Where’s My Room*
Neurotic World
Hiding Place*
Man that will find you
Second Chance
Distant Sun
Cold Feet (not played)
I Got You

Why Are You Crying
Hold Her Close*
Better Be Home Soon (not played)

* = new songs.

The encore had 4 Seasons instead of BBHS and also had a killer version of Bowie’s Moonage Daydream prior to Connan’s “Why are You Crying”. There may have have been some other setlust changes but can’t recall them off the top of my head.

It was an interesting concert - the Kaiwaka audience were generally pretty respectful of so many new songs in the set. There was some talking at the beginning but it died down eventually. It was a very small intimate little hall!

I think the Neil/CH fans hoping that the Neil/Liam album will be a return to guitar driven pop could be in for a disappointment though. The new songs were more reminiscent of Liam’s latest work and I think will also have quite a bit of Connan Mockasin influence. From a Neil perspective - closer to Dizzy Heights than any other reference point I can think of. It was also far more of a band vibe than a Finn Bros like duo style. Connan Mockasin was a major contributor to the sound/vibe and the rest of the band all played quite a part also.

The concert reminded me a bit of the Barb concert from a few years back but with Neil replacing James Milne/Lawrence Arabia and EJ taking a bit more of a backseat in this one. The new songs are good/interesting but have quite a unique feel/vibe. For those familiar with Liam’s work - The new songs were more like the atmospheric songs from FOMO/The Nilhist than the thumping guitar pop from I’ll Be Lightning. 

For example - Neurotic World from FOMO blended in with the new songs perfectly as did Connan’s Man That Will Find You. Neil’s Sinner also merged quite well with the ‘feel/groove’. Liam’s Better To Be and Second Chance and Neil’s Dustant Sun and I Got You gave the gig real energy (and the crowd lapped it up) but they certainly contrasted the other songs in musical style. I think Neil was at his keyboard for most of the new songs (and on bass for one if my memory serves me correct). He only seemed to pick up his guitar for the old songs.

I think the new album will be musically interesting and by the sounds of the songs tonight - quite experimental. I am still expecting Mick Fleetwood on drums for some songs and plenty of Connan Mockasin guitar. I think Sharon will also be a bit of a contributor (particularly with backing vocals on some songs).  I’m interested to see who produced the album - if Neil and Liam got somebody in or took it on themselves. Neil did say that it will be out soon...

Elroy also really impressed - playing some absolute killer bass on one of the new songs, electric guitar on another and drums on the rest.

For those keen to know what the Merch was... There were T-Shirts, Tea Towels, Posters... but most importantly - a 7inch vinyl of Where’s My Room (sorry cant recall the b-side)!. It is still in the boot of the car, but I will open it when I get back home and see if it comes with any linear notes or production/band credits. 

I doubt the band will be named. I think the album (like the tour) will be Neil and Liam Finn. There were no liner notes for the vinyl single - just a note to go to for them (but there is nothing up as yet other than the tour details).  The vinyl does say “written by Neil and Liam Finn” on the back cover. The B side of Wheres My Room is Meet Me In the Air. It is quite a slow meandering song with lots of atmospherics - kind of hypnotic. It reminded me a bit of Liam’s Ocean Emmanuelle. Both Neil and Liam sang lead together on this one.

Where’s My Room starts with Liam (and sounds like it developed from a jam) but then morphs into a more Neil like song with him on vocals at the end. Liam was on the drums for this one.

I’m looking forward to listening to the vinyl to hear what the recorded versions sound like.

“Listen” seems more like a Neil song and he sang it all. Similarly “Hold Her Close” was clearly a Liam song which he sang. 

Im not sure which song it was but Neil sings quite low in the chorus and it sounds really good. I’m constantly surprised just how good Neil’s voice is as he gets older. I would love to hear him sing more in his lower register rather than his falsetto (which seems to have got a pretty good airing of late!).

Ghosts (like Where’s My Room) started with Liam on vocals while on the drums and finished with everybody singing I Don’t Believe In Ghosts over and over again.

But to answer your question Sinner62, lead vocals seem to be shared around, some appear to just have one taking the lead, others it is a mixture of both (Liam starting it off and Neil coming in for the Chorus or coming in towards the end) and in the case of Meet Me In the Air, singing together. There were also lots of layered backing vocals in parts - with Sharon, EJ, Connan, and Jimmy Metherel all contributing at the concert. I am guessing the album will be similar with regard to backing vocals.

Also noteworthy was that the show was being filmed (with a note in the entrance making people aware of that). Given the different nature of the tour (playing local halls in very small NZ towns), it will be interesting to see what comes of the footage. Could it turn into a Live DVD, be part of a tour documentary or the footage to be used for part of the music videos? I guess time will tell...

Set list for concert 2 at Warmworth Town Hall (January 4):

Meet Me in the Air
Any Other Way
Better to Be 
Where's My Room
Hiding Place
Four Seasons in One Day
Why Are You Crying? 
Miracle Glance 
Second Chance 
Distant Sun
Cold Feet
I Got You 

I'm the Man, That Will Find You 
Hold Her Close
Don't Dream It's Over

I think the album will be good (it may polarise people a bit as I'm not expecting it to sound much like Crowded House). I have now had a chance to listen to the vinyl, so will start another topic specifically on that. I wouldn't be too concerned about the Connan influence. I also find it hard to get into his solo music but he does have a pretty good chemistry with Liam (and Neil).  

Yeah, I've disliked Connan's music for years, so I'm not wild about his involvement - or the fact that most shows so far have had not one, but two, of his songs in the setlist. I must admit I'd been hoping they would play a bit more Crowdies/Neil solo stuff, and I'm really surprised there's only been one Out of Silence song played so far. But I'm still pretty excited for Paekakariki and the Taronga shows. I assume, given the size of the Taronga gigs, there might be more Crowdies/Enz stuff?

And I see there's been a Wollongong-area show added in Thirroul! I had been intending to be in Hobart that night - I need to be down there for work later in the week and was planning to stay for a couple of extra days beforehand. But now I think I'll go to the Thirroul show, since I'll probably need to visit Hobart again soon enough anyway.

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Here are a couple more set lists (courtesy of

I see they have changed it up - I much prefer the flow of these ones.

Where's My Room was always the obvious choice for the set opener (followed by Distant Sun) and I could imagine that working really well. It gets things off to a strong start.

Also as much as I like Sinner and Chameleon Days, I think most casual fans would prefer Private Universe and History Never Repeats, given they are getting a lot of new songs and would be hanging out for a few more 'hits' they can sing along to.

Second Chance, Cold Feet, History Never Repeats and I Got You is a good strong finish to the main set!

I find it interesting that they are still going with 2 Connan songs (especially given he is doing his own solo tour of the country straight after this tour). It will be interesting to see if it changes much more as the tour continues.

Pirongia Hall (Jan 8)


Note: The printed setlist did not contain "History Never Repeats", nor the last two songs of the encore. "Back to Life" was on the printed setlist after "Any Other Way" but was not performed.

Tirohanga Settlers Hall (Jan 10)

Note: "Why Are You Crying?" was not on the printed setlist.

Guy. posted:

Set list for concert 2 at Warmworth Town Hall (January 4):

Meet Me in the Air
Any Other Way
Better to Be 
Where's My Room
Hiding Place
Four Seasons in One Day
Why Are You Crying? 
Miracle Glance 
Second Chance 
Distant Sun
Cold Feet
I Got You 

I'm the Man, That Will Find You 
Hold Her Close
Don't Dream It's Over

Was at the Warkworth show, I'm 99.99% sure it actually finished with Better Be Home Soon. I can see on they have it down as DDIO as well, but I don't think it's correct, it was most definitely BBHS (because I remember thinking at the time "I bet this is the last song" when they first started playing it, like it normally is with a CH setlist and also because I thought it was kind of appropriate given the crazy storm going on at the time in the area)...and I know I'm riiiiighhhht.... 

Also, the Warkworth show was *really* lucky to have been able to get to the end given parts of Warkworth were hit with a power cut from the storm whilst the show was on. I guess they could have done an acoustic show in the dark if that happened! 

A few photos from last nights Paekakariki concert can be seen below. It was a great night if somewhat sweaty on a hot and humid evening. Hopefully someone will have recorded the full setlist, there was a great rendition of History Never Repeats thrown in as recognition of playing in Noel Crombie's old home town

Neil ElroyConnanLiamMolly

Ha, I think I was standing right beside you (blond guy, glasses, there with my father).

Full setlist here:

It was a great show. I dug some of the new stuff, like "Where's My Room?", "Hold Her Close", and "Back to Life". I was stoked to get "Sinner" as it was only in a few of the sets on "Private Universe" was great, with an extended jam at the start with lyrics about Paekakariki. Best part of the night was probably either side of the encore - everybody went nuts for "I Got You" and "History Never Repeats". I was especially pleased about the latter, because one of my earliest musical memories is of listening to that song in my childhood bedroom in Raumati.

My dad enjoyed it and really dug the older tunes. But he wasn't too wild about the slower stuff in the set, and thought that a lot of the songs on which Liam sang lead were pretentious. He also thought Connan was awful. I didn't mind "I'm the Man That Will Find You", but "Why Are You Crying?" is dreadful. Nobody's there for Connan and he has his own tour coming up, so giving him two songs - especially in a setlist that doesn't break the 20-song mark - is hard to justify. I sure hope he isn't in the band for the Aussie shows.

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