This from Bic Runga's web site;

"31/0/06 Bic is playing a unique one-off show in London

Bic is playing one show at Dingwalls on 28th February.
She will be joined by Boxcar Benny Maitland on guitar and Neil Finn on piano,
playing songs from all her records including selections from the new album
"Birds". This show will sell out. Tickets are £12.50 and they go on sale today

Also try if the other site doesn't work.

Better get in quick though as it's a very small venue.

Original Post
Hi Suzanne and everyone else. I met you in Dublin at the Long Hall Pub and I will hopefully be going. Just about to book it now.
Lets meet up again for a reunion drink.

God I'm so glad I logged on tonight. Been away for a bit and what a great bit of news to return to. Been missing going to gigs and meeting up with all you folks.
So I have booked my tickets and am trying to persuade my single mum sister to go.
We have had the
'Its a school night' excuse.
'I'm too old' excuse
'I cant afford a babysitter' excuse
and finally the 'Oh my god if its standing I will never make it after a day at work' excuse.

So dear friends I am on a mission to reassure my tired ole sis that she won't have to stand all night and that there is life after toddlers.
I have no idea what the venue is like or if it is seated, so I'm hoping someone out there might know.
Also it says doors open at 7.00 and dosen't say what time it closes. We will have to get back across London before the trains turn into pumkins so if anyone has any idea about these things, could you let us know?

OOOOOOOOOhhhh I'm so excited. How I've missed you all.

I was hoping to be in London at the end of February for a conference, but my VP wouldn't approve my travel request. Had I been allowed to go I'd be buying tickets for Bic and Neil like a shot.

Hopefully someone will post a review!

*rasn frasn boss*
It's a very small venue apparently and it's sold out! Coogee, it will be nice to see you again! It has been a long time hasn't it, since Nick's pub in Dublin! Smiler I wonder who else will be there!
My brother tells me it is a tables and chairs job, but he was last there about 20 years ago just might have changed.
I'm so glad I got my ticket order in quick. Big thanks to Steve P for posting it up.

Anyone know a good place to meet? I am a South East Londoner myself & have no idea what those queer folk of the North get up to.
Mind you if the venue is that small we could simply meet up inside.
Looking forward to seeing you again Suzanne.
I had a look at the website, and there is a picture of a very small stage with tables and chairs around it. It looks really nice and cosy!
Ooh, I'd love to go ! Not just for Neil Wink, I'm a huge Bic fan as well... saw her almost two years ago at Sheperds Bush, great show!
But this date is impossible for me to go Frowner Middle of the week in just a couple of weeks, can't get that organised I'm afraid... Hope Bic will be back to do a 'proper' European (UK?) tour after her NZ and Oz dates. I'll definitely be there then Smiler
Train tickets to London arrived today and concert tickets are firmly jammed in the 'Safe Place' nook. Cant wait to see any forum folk who are going. Shall we meet inside somewhere? Thats if anyone is interested?
Even if we weren't interested, Dingwalls is so tiny, we wouldn't be able to avoid eachother if we tried. See you there!
I just looked in the 'safe place' nook and the tickets are'nt there!!!! It must have been some other 'safe place' that I left them and I can't remember where that is!!!!
Damn my ageing brain and its willfull ways. Better log off and start turning the flat upside down. I will pray to the Great God of Finn to help me find them.
Hopefully I will see you there MagBolt and Suzanne.
Oh God, I've done that exact same thing about three times today!! I'm moving house tomorrow and the whole place is in complete chaos Frowner. But everytime I lost them, I did find them again, and I'm sure you will too. They're now safely tucked away in my handbag, where they'll stay until Tuesday evening!! Razzer
I hope you find your tix, I would be checking pockets, removing drawers in case they have fallen down behind them, on top of the fridge, inside album covers, the linen closet, in food boxes. In all, I would be frantic about now.
Good luck in your search Smiler
Thank the Great Finn above. I HAVE FOUND THEM!!!!! They were next to me on the desk, in the 'to do' pile. Thats the 'I must put these somewhere, mound', that I actually had my elbow on as I was typing my S.O.S.

What a Twonk!

I will be the chaotic one losing tickets and dropping things in a grey top with chandalier things on. Only 24 hours to keep them safe, see you there.
Hi just got back from seeing Bic and Neil, and what a great show, very chilled out show mind you!But what a great voice Bic has! she started off with i think 'sway' the other guitar player had a problem with his guitar so it was just Neil on a small Parlour type guitar and Bic on a telecaster guitar and what fab harmonies they had! my one question is what was the cd playing on the p.a before she came on?
I don't think I've ever been to such a quiet gig! Bic's songs are a little formulaic to me in terms of structure and tone, and the bare bones accompaniment (high quality though it was) didn't help to tell one from another- She could easily have played the same song two or three times and I would have struggled to spot the difference- and I have her albums!

It was great to be so close to the stage, and to watch the amazing delicacy of all the performances. It would have been good to hear even one Finn song, though it would have completely overshadowed Bic's performance. It was her gig- I think the high spot of her performance was the final two songs which she did on her own- maybe she was overawed by having Neil and Billy.

I'm glad I went, but it left me wishing I could see Neil solo unplugged!
Next stop Betchadupa if I can ever get a gig which doesn't clash with something else in my life.
The CD playing before the show may have been Anika Moa, not sure though.

Great show, Bic sounded fantastic. Her voice is even more penetratingly beautiful live. The only other time I've seen her play live was at the Albert Hall opening for the Finn Bros last year which was obviously a tough night given Paul Hesters death a few days before and during which Bic appeared absolutely petrified by the whole RAH experience.

But at Dingwalls Bic appearead relaxed and bouyant, joking with the audience (loved the Malcolm McLaren asian Spice Girls story) and even doing an Ashley Simpson-like jig (obscure Saturday Night Live reference, sorry!) before Blue Blue Night.

It was definately Bic's night despite Neils imposing presence on the piano (more on that in a mo) and most of the set was devoted to tracks from the new album Birds, eventhough it is not yet released in Europe. Bic was in an entertaining seft-depreciating mood, introducing songs from the new album admitting they were quite depressing.

Songs played (in no particular order, and possibly missing a few) included;

The Be All And End All
Say After Me
Ruby Nights
Winning Arrow
No Crying No More
It's Over
Get Some Sleep
Blue Blue Night

Neil was introduced after the first song to much applause, wearing a dark suit, and obviously content to let the spotlight fall clearly on Bic, which was clearly the appropriate thing to do. It must be quite a relaxing thing to do for Neil to take the back seat for a change, but he sounded great regardless, and was an excellent addition to the night. And speaking as a devout Neil Finn fan, I was not in the least bit disappointed that Neil was not more to the fore, which was in due credit to Bic Runga's engaging presence on stage.

'Drive' was an obvious highlight, but other standout tracks worthy of note were also Listen, It's Over and Get Some Sleep.

Bic finished the night with a promise to 'see you again in a couple of months', which hopefully means a proper UK tour to coincide with the UK release of Birds, and an invitation to all those lucky enough to be on the guest list to join Bic, Neil and Boxcar Benny (on guitar) for a few 'stiff drinks' in the bar after the show.

All in all, good crowd, nice venue, and a really enjoyable night. I took my un-Finn-initiated-sister with me and she really enjoyed it too, despite the fact she'd never heard Bic before.

Anyone got any good photo's?

Glad to hear Neil was on form, he's under-rated as a pianist I think.

I have to agree with her comment on the new songs being depressing. I find the new album very monotonous - it badly needs an 'Election Night', something louder with a change of pace.
Any good photos SteveP? Ask the very tall blond girl dressed in black who rudely barged her way in front of me and stood there snapping away only stopping when the guard asked her to - fellow fan had no luck when he tapped her on the shoulder. I am sure she got on camera what everyone else missed when she blocked our view. It's annoyed me so much that I have signed up just to say that.

Rant mode off.
Hey thanks Finner79, they are great, nothing wrong with those photo's. Good job !!.
If I can buy a camera by the Sydney show and IF I can move from my row T seat I shall post some from that show for our Frenz. No promises mind you Smiler.
I was right at the front (NOT the very rude blonde girl dressed in black!) and I didn't take a lot of photos, but I got a few nice ones.

The setlist was stuck to the stage floor right under my nose, so I took a picture of it. The only change was that they played Drive instead of That's Alright (I think).

Excellent Magbolt Big Grin!! Love the closeup of Bic and i can see why you didn't want to take too many, could 'miss the moment' apart from being extremely close. Wink
Thankyou so much for those great pics Magbolt, wonderful job. I hope I can return the favour for everyone in Sydney.
Don't worry, my camera and I will be there too Big Grin.
Thanks for the compliments girls, I'm glad you liked them!
I have some photo's but I'm not sure how good they are. Was using my brand new digital camera and had absolutely no idea how to make it do anything. Bic was also slap bang between Neil and my camera so I didn't really get any good Finn action shots. Memory also filled up really quick so not many of them. Sorry every body. I did try.

I managed to meet up with one other forum member but as I don't have a clue what most of you look like it was nye near impossible. Perhaps its better to remain anonymous. Or maybe we dont want to recognise the crazy stalker inside ourselves by meeting others of our kind. Smiler Ha Ha..........
Had a great night although I couldnt believe the amount of chatter coming from the crowd during Bic's beautiful set. This was from the front as well. So rude, typical London, glad I left. (London that is, not the gig.)

I told my sister there would be tables and chairs so she could collapse in an 'after work' heap when we got there. DOH!!!! No chairs of any description anywhere atall. She nearly killed me. I had to find her a nice pillar to lean on to placate her. I told her that Neil was older than her so if he could play a gig all night surely she could stand through it.

Had to laugh at that but I had to admit she had a point. She stayed the distance though and told me she is now a total Bic convert. I have to agree. What a truely beautiful voice she has.

I will post my pics up as I get a minute to figure it all out.
I saw Bic Runga in Melbourne, it was a great concert she has a beautiful voice, it took her awhile to warm up to the audience but in the second half she was fantastic. Hope she does return to Melbourne again.
Ok I have tried to do this three times now, but keep getting it wrong. Technology is not my strong point so please bare with me.

I have finally uploaded my photos from Dingwalls so I hope that:

a) You can find your way to them...and...
b) You enjoy them.

All the best Finnlovers.
Yes, I can see them !! they worked Coogee, thankyou so much for sharing your stunning photos, good work.
My pleasure. And it really is my pleasure, I love photography.

After returning to the shop where I bought the camera and complaining that there were hardly any instructions with it, I was told:

'Erm Im sorry madam, the small booklet is just a basic manual, but the proper instructions are on the accompanying cd'.


Told you I don't do technology!

I was so indignant and assertive as well.

Big red face, leave looking at floor and spouting multiple apologies for stupidity.

Will hope to have it all sussed at the next gig. That should give me a year to work on it.
Originally posted by Coogee:
'Erm Im sorry madam, the small booklet is just a basic manual, but the proper instructions are on the accompanying cd'.

That's what mine is like too, isn't that stupid? It means that for every little thing you want to know about the camera you have to turn the computer on. Not that it isn't on most of the time anyway, but that's not the point! Big Grin

Thanks very much for these pictures Coogee, it's nice to have a few from a different angle.
Hi Lydia, glad we made contact on the night. Its always nice to meet up with your Frenz.
Hope we get to do it all again soon.

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