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Just a question. The NilFun site is all very new and groovy, but it seems to be the arty site. I was looking on for domain names, and it would seem that is registered by Neil Finn at the fan club's address. Does this mean that ANOTHER potential site is in the works from the Man?

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Does this go here? Well, here goes....on the Bitz chat yesterday, we had a surprise visitor....a nice enough chap, calling himself "Nil"....seemed to know much about the concert schedules of years past, and also seemed to BE the one-and-only, Neil Finn, himself! He was pretty good-natured about the fact that we were a tad suspicious, too! Ah me, {sigh} if it WAS Neil, then I am a happy woman! If it WASN'T
Neil, then I don't want to know!!!

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