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Just browsing youtube when i came across this. Not sure if its been mentioned here before but i thought some frnez here might like to see it, brought me to tears sounds a bit like Neil is choking up, as you would...

Neil Tribute to Paul

We all miss you Hessie. Rest in peace mate.

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Wow that was amazing!!

I have to say the tribute they did for him at Manchester last night, was awsome. They had a light in the caravan, which on the count of 3 we all clapped and it came on. Then Neil played Itallian Plastic.. It was awsome

The gig, though amazing just felt different without Pauls energy adding to it.. He is defo so missed
I hadn't watched this for a while, so checked it out yesterday again. Hits you every time with the emotion. I think this is one of the most sweetly sung performances of BBHS I've seen/heard-amazing how Neil did it. Beautiful! My wife and i were luckt to be at The Thekla Crowdies gig-'Sing It For Paul' as someone has captured on Youtube. This was another amazing moment of genuine love for the man that was Hessie.

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