- probably one of the best 'live' versions of SWHHW I've heard. Pony Ride and FITFOL sound great; Impressions......is Impressions, and unfortunately Strangest Friends/Dizzy Heights are 'live' in front of an audience, and much lower quality.

Just some of my thoughts....


I've listened to Neil's Spotify Sessions several times and have to say I really enjoy it, alot.


I wonder... 1) if his tour sound engineer was present for these sessions, 2) where did they record these songs (which studio), 3) how many hours of sleep Neil and band had in between their shows in Sydney when they were in studio to record these live versions...touring is a hectic live and offers little sleep I imagine, 4) does a live version have to be "perfect" in every single way or can it offer one interpretation in the performance of a song for that particular recording or show.


I went to 6 of Neil's Dizzy Heights tour shows... each one was incredible and Neil and band gave their ALL each time.  


Now when I go back and listen to the Dizzy Heights album, I appreciate it even more each time.  I love that Neil took the plunge and created a different sound.


Neil's Spotify session is the only reason I'm even utilizing Spotify right now.


I would welcome with open ears more live Spotify sessions from Neil and band, because he won't be touring for awhile (2-3 years) ... sniff, sniff


I really hope Neil will release a special edition on CD and/or iTunes of some of his Dizzy Heights tour live recording...perhaps a DVD special edition as well--universal format please.


Neil, if by some miracle you are reading this, please please please release some live footage and recordings from your Dizzy Heights tour.  Thank you





Secret God (Stew) posted:

Thank you @The Ligature, I shall update my database! But when did @Boland mention the date?

I meant @Boland was correct in saying that the Spotify Session wasn't recorded in Sydney, but in Auckland despite the songs being labeled as "Live from Spotify Sydney". The date of the Roundhead session was gleaned from some social media postings during the recording.

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