Neil Finn Songs That Would Sound Great w/ Fleetwood Mac

Which Neil Finn songs would sound best for the Fleetwood Mac tour (besides "Don't Dream It's Over)?  Here are my suggestions:

1. Fall At Your Feet

2. I Got You

3. Better Be Home Soon

4. She Goes On

5. Fingers of Love

6. Flying In The Face of Love

7. Private Universe

8. History Never Repeats

9. Second Nature

10. How Will You Go?

11. Transit Lounge

12. Driving Me Mad

13. Suffer Never

14. Hole In The River

15. Four Seasons In One Day

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Listening to Private Universe, the acoustic version, I couldn't help but imagine Stevie Nicks sing that. 

On the ledge forum, they were listing likely songs to be played, and at least once on the list, a fan had written "Crowded House song".  I'm hoping for more of a weaving of the artists, if not to the point of entanglement.

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