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Just wondering if anyone from the Wollongong area is going and interested in travelling together 😊

I was going to do the train up, but that can be a bit dicey with timing... I had a couple of good runs after the Zoo shows to make the earlier service home.

I picked up second row of the Circle (i.e. balcony) for the first night in the presale... as it happens I can now grab the first row of the balcony, but I really don't care that much, especially as the PDF tickets aren't emailed until the day of the show. On the other hand if I could suddenly get front row of the stalls I'd deal with the hassle of selling the ticket!

For the second night I'm in the stalls about ten rows back. Could be better, could be worse. I've had plenty of front row action before so at least Neil won't get sick of seeing my ugly mug this time around!

(And maybe he won't realise it's me being greedy for yet another request if I yell something...)

Also, I'd forgotten how much I hate the Sydney Opera House's random queue thing. Never ever got a good spot in that. I tried to use the backdoor that some of us found for the Encore shows in 2016, but either they've modified their system or I couldn't remember it correctly.

So has anyone seen stage times for the shows, besides that doors are at 7:30? I've seen no mention of an opener, so I'm guessing it's just Neil?

Or is the Opera House like the Melbourne Recital Centre (and unlike every other damn venue in Melbourne) in that they give the start time of the event, by which you should be seated? That nearly caught me out for Neil's first show there in 2015. Any other event where I've got seats, I just turn up a couple of minutes before the first act begins.

I did all four Encore shows, but this will actually be my first time inside the Opera House since I was three years old!

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