The below is intended to gather Neil Finn rarities, most of them available on the Kitchen Sink streaming albums on and present them in alphabetical order. Additionally, any other stray rarities not yet on Kitchen Sink collections that I know of are also collected, including fangradio stuff. Live versions of songs have been left out, as have songs widely available on Crowded House deluxe bonus discs released in 2016. Finally I have included songs associated with Neil (written, or performed) but performed by other artists, with the artists name following.

While this list is meant to be exhaustive, no doubt I've missed something.And hopefully it will be out of date soon as Neil and associated acts continue to make new music.



Platform 3 [live] After Hours


Carried Away (Split Enz) (also available on out of print The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)
Holy Smoke (Split Enz) ( The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)


Things (Split Enz)


What's the Matter with You [live] Split Enz
Missing Person [live] Split Enz


Firedrill (Split Enz)


Love and Success (Split Enz)
Your Inspiration (Split Enz)
Serge (Split Enz) 
I Walk Away [extended Mix] Split Enz


Don't Dream It's Over [extended mix]Crowded House
World Where You Live [extended mix]Crowded House
Everything to Live For (The Rock Party)


You  I know (Jenny MOrris)


My Legs Are Gone (Crowded House)
Prodigal Sun (Finn Brothers)
Strangeness and Charm (Finn Brothers)
IN Love With It All (Finn Brothers)


Weather With You [radio edit] Crowded House


Private Universe [radio edit] Crowded House
Distant Sun (US single edit)


Gifted (Dave Dobbyn)


Be My Guest
Instinct [demo]


Instinct [alternate mix] Crowded House
Mary of the South Seas (Finn Brothers)
What I Get Paid for (Shawn Colvin)
Here Come the Gods (Annie Crummer)


Don't Dream It's Over [acoustic version]


Fish Hook
Log Drums
The Spirit of the Stairs
Family Ties
Identical Twin
808 Song
She Comes Scattered


Can You Hear Us
Neville the Enchanted Rug
The Girl from Godknowswhere
Dream Girl


Billie Jean
Sexual Healing
Exquisite Stereo (Deborah Conway)


Time on Earth
Love Is All that Remains [demo]
Now I Get It
Hole in the Ice [radio mix]


Real and Right and True
Sweet Secret Peace
Gratitude and Grief
Lullabye Requiem
Human Kindness
Ray Of Hope
Sweet Secret Peace
(Plus Bob Clearmountain and/or Tchad Blake One All/One Nil mixes)
HOle In the Ice (radio edit)
Whereever You Are (radio edit)
Faraway Children?


Everyday Alright (Finn Brothers)
The Land Torments the Sea (Finn Brothers)
Tell Me C'mon (Finn Brothers)
Sunset Swim (Finn Brothers)
Way Back Down (Finn Brothers)


You I know (jenny MOrris)


Blue Hotel [demo]
Silent House demo with Dixie chicks


Guiding Star
Girls (Women Make You Feel All Right)


Turn Around


She Belongs to Me (Pajama Club)
Song of the Lonely Mountain
The Wind Was on the Withered Heath


Your Next Move
You and I Know

Blue Smoke
What Am I Doing Wrong? Delaney Davidson and Neil Finn


Girl (If You are Who YOu Say You Are) --Jesse Sheehan
The Way It Was Before --Jesse Sheehan
Shallow Breathing  -- Jesse Sheehan
The Last Man Standing -- Jesse Sheehan
The Way It Was Before -- Jesse Sheehan

2019? Fangradio stuff, dates uncertain

Corporate Mindset
Deco 1
Far Side of the World
Faraway Children
It's Happening
Signs Of Life chords
Spy Theme demo
Start of Something
Serious In Love

Original Post

Appreciate you making this post and have been meaning to add a comment for a while. Just wanted to get my head around what was dropped on the latest Fangradio broadcast first.

Serious In Love — I believe this was in the mix for Out Of Silence, as it was played live during week #3 of the Infinity Sessions with a full band and choir. So, unless the demo played on episode #5 of Fangradio was recorded much earlier, I guess I'd put it down as 2017?

Hyacinth — Are you referring to the episode of Neil Finn’s Cornucopia of Flowers from 2010 where Neil talks about the 'Hyacinth' flower? This episode was replayed on episode #5 of Fangradio, but I'm unaware of any song with that name. The into music to Cornucopia of Flowers is God Lives Over the Road.

Faraway Children — This one confuses me. If you do a search for "faraway children" on this forum you'll find it was supposedly an early version of Nothing Wrong With You, which Neil performed solo at Tabac in 2003.

But the Faraway Children that Neil has played twice on Fangradio seems to be completely unrelated to Nothing Wrong With You. So either Neil has re-used the title for a completely different piece of music or it has been mislabeled on the website. @Jaffaman, any insight with this one?

My gut tells me it might have been related to the Parables Lullabies and Secrets project in 2001, however, it was not one of the six songs available for streaming on the Elevator Songs EP on nilfun at the time.

EDIT: Here's what Neil had to say about Faraway Children on episode #1 of Fangradio: "I've written a great many songs that were basically failed film music. This is one of them. Sometimes they turn into quite good things."

Anyway, I'll cross-check my spreadsheet for songs you may have missed and see if I can add anything. Great list, thanks again for sharing.

It has not been released in any form that I’m aware of. I tried to limit things to studio recordings that have been releaesed on physical media, in film or  online (for download or streaming)   on some public streaming service at some point in time. 

I tried to avoid bootlegs of any kind. IN fact, other than live shows,  I don't think I have heard or know about any bootlegs of Neil's studio stuff anyway. I"ve certainly never heard Cemetery in the Rain; the only thing I've read about it was written by Jaffaman so I doubt that it circulates.

ON the Tim Finn thread, for example, you will note that I have avoided the Still Life demos because it seems they were never released in any form and the copies that circulate are based on a bootleg cassette that Tim did not intend to release.

Freofan posted:

I'm curious after the After Hours music. Who was in the band, and what are they doing now? Did they have any live shows and how long did the band exist? Are there any recordings?

I believe it was a band with Neil Finn (piano) and Geoff Chunn (guitar) and others pre-dating Neil's joining Split Enz.   There's just the song I listed on the Kitchen Sink  on, which streams.  Otherwise, I believe there is a bootleg but I've never heard it.

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