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I think if more people knew which songs were by Crowded House there would be more fans.

We have some french friends and they didn't know who I meant when I said Crowded House. But when I sang a bit of Don't Dream It's Over, 5 out of 5 knew it and 4 out of the 5 knew Weather With You.

On holiday in France though, I never ever see any Crowded House CDs Frowner But I did hear Fall At Your Feet getting played in a french supermarket, so obviously the songs are liked and popular. People just need to know that all these songs they like are by Crowded House!!

I think a re-release of Recurring Dream with a "you know more crowded house songs than you think you do" ("tu connais plus de chansons de Crowded House que tu penses" ???? ) advertising campaign would work.

Once you've got a lot of fans, an artist has to come and play a concert !!

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the forum kill-eye
Thanks a lot Sister Madly in da house (great nickname !).
All the things you said about Crowded House in France are right. Indeed, it's very hard to buy CH, Neil Finn CDs. (And I don't even talk about split enz !!!) Can you give me the address of the french supermarket where you hear "fall at your feet" ???!!!
Seriously, in spite of the weakness of sales, neil finn keeps on influencing many french artists.
I've tried to build a small website about CH & neil finn. (You can vote for your 10 favorite songs) But it's very complicated.
His french record company isn't really active.
Yes we could try to release Recurring Dream once again. It's a good idea. I've got also a secret project : a tribute album with french artists...
Bye. Your french is perfect ! Not like my english !
First of All I wish to you all a Very Happy New Year ! may 2003 bring us Neil's new stuff
I agree with the French Kill-Eye ( I think we know each other Wink , Neil doesn't have the success he deserves in our country !shame is on the (lack of) advertising !
i have tried to "convert" my family and friends to the Finn music, and it works, they all think he is very talented. so i really think that if Neil could do one gig in france, it would be a success, the venue would be full !
my wish for 2003 : a gig in France at the Olympia Smiler

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