Neil Finn in Fleetwood Mac?

Well that's some news I hadn't expected. As a casual Fleetwood Mac fan and a massive Neil fan I'm looking forward to this! It works really well from my point of view. Not sure how some of the the hardcore FM fans will think about it. (But that's not our problem, is it.)

stuartjb posted:

Quite like Fleetwood Mac - have lots of their stuff . This is obviously cool , but as a massive crowded house fan , this just puts them further in the distance

Yep. That's the elephant in the corner for me, too. 

Key question to ask: will FM fans support this tour? In the States, it's primarily the Buckingham - Nicks dynamic that draws people in.  Apparently, Lindsay wanted to focus on his solo album while the band wanted and was ready to tour.  The last FM tour in 2014-2015 raked in 200 million gross. The two Classic East and West concerts earned the group 33 million.  The hardcore FM fans must be thinking that they could have waited for Lindsay.  Yes, they would lose some money by postponing a tour but their bank accounts should weather the storm.  Granted no group likes to create ill will with their crew, label, promoters, venues, etc., but at this stage of their career, they've earned the right to change their minds. Whereas there is some sympathy towards a group like the Eagles who replaced a deceased member with his son and Vince Gill. The remaining Fleetwood Mac members will get no fan sympathy for this decision.  I hope this works out for Neil but the challenges are significant.  

I burned out on Fleetwood Mac having heard them *all the time* on Florida radio. Then I got away from it for a while and missed it. So Neil joining, for me, is mostly just weird! It *will* be good, tho...When I heard, I immediately thought of all the people I smothered with Finn music, who prolly thought, "hey, mona's gonna love that!" ~lol~ And why wouldn't they come to the UK? They're from here, right? Doesn't that matter to them? I don't know, I've never followed the Mac personally...TMDrama!
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