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Try Whistling This:

  1. Dots on the Shell

  2. Be My Guest

  3. Fish Hook

  4. Log Drums

  5. The Spirit of the Stairs

  6. Family Ties

  7. Identical Twin

  8. 808 Song

  9. Tokyo

  10. Astro

  11. She Comes Scattered

  12. I Can See Clearly Now
  13. Can You Hear Us


One Nil

  1. Neville the Enchanted Rug
  2. The Girl from God Knows Where
  3. Dream Girl
  4. Time on Earth
  5. Love Is All that Remains [demo]
  6. Now I Get It
  7. Underestimated
  8. Ray Of Hope
  9. Human Kindness
  10. Melody
  11. Real and Right and True
  12. Lament
  13. Sweet Secret Peace
  14. Gratitude and Grief
  15. Lullaby Requiem
  16. Billie Jean
  17. SExual Healing
  18. The Climber (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
  19. Driving Me Mad (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
  20. HOle in the Ice (Bob Clearmountain Mix
  21. Turn and Run (Bob Clearmountain) mix

Neil Finn songs from Rain (third disc)

Dizzy Heights

  1. Animal Vs. Human
  2. Your Next Move
  3. Blue Hotel
  4. Guiding Star
  5. Song of the Lonely Mountain
  6. The Wind Was on the Withered Heath
  7. Your Next Move
  8. You And I Know
  9. Hyacinth
  10. Something So Strong (Naive)
  11. Women (Make You Feel Alright)

Out of Silence

  1. Blue Smoke
  2. Corporate Mindset (from Fangradio)
  3. Far Side of the World (demo)
  4. It's happening
  5. Spy Theme
  6. Start of Something
  7. Wrinkles
  8. Serious In Love
  9. Uplift


Any extra space on disc can be taken up by demos, etc Plus there is probably more in the vault we don't know about.



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