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Maybe it doesn't bode well for a thread when the person posting it apologizes for it right off the bat.

Maybe I'm just not that busy and curious minds want to know......also, I had no idea which forum to post this too, so moderators feel free to move it around until it finds it's appropriate home. I don't expect a lot of action on this question:

Is the white and yellow shirt that Neil wears for the Message to My Girl video the same white and yellow shirt that Paul H is wearing near the end of the Weather With You video?


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You know Martine....I TOTALLY thought the same thing!! Then I thought: Geez Gen, are you CRAZY?? That shirt would have to be 10 years old by the time WWY was filmed! Oh, and why am I crazy enough to notice such things?!? lol Good to know I'm not alone! hehehehehehehehehehe.......which doesn't necessarily mean I'm not crazy, just means that somebody ELSE is just as crazy as me! Comforting, nonetheless. Good eye, lady!

Gen & Maisy
This is such a silly topic, I love it, the sleeves appear longer when Paul's wearing it then when Neil is wearing it so it led me to believe that maybe it wasn't the same shirt, but there couldn't be more than one shirt like that surely?

If my hubby is any yardstick, some guys tend to hang onto certain articles of clothing longer than females tend to--that's purely speculation on my part in regards to hubby's closet.

I can for sure see Paul wearing that boozie shirt!

To all those earnest frenz out there who discuss guitars and who played on what and who played such and such an instrument, I apologize for this frivolous thread in advance.

Like Gen says, it's just one of those things that presented itself and would not go away until I posted it. heh heh heh

Big Grin
Guys holding onto items of clothing longer than us girls... MAYBE but MAYBE NOT!!!

I've been forced to be fairly ruthless in moving house and taking clothes with me in the past 16 years, and yet:

* I'm female. I'm 30 years of age (yes, I'm forced to admit it... sob sob...) I've moved house some 10 TIMES in the past 12 years... I still have my class t-shirt (from what you Americans would call "senior year", Victorians you know it as VCE!) in high school (albeit, that's going in the bin as of the next wash! I was never that attatched to it). And this isn't the most extreme example. I got a denim jacket for my 13th birthday which would still be mine, if not for the fact that (3 years ago) someone stole it out of the back of the 1972 Toyota Corona that I was driving until February 2002....

sorry, who was it said that blokes were more attatched to
their clothes???? (or indeed anything else... come on Frenz, who else has held onto a car, and their first car, none-other, of any vintage, for over 12 years...?) Big Grin
Well Kia, I guess there are always exceptions to every rule. I probably still have shoes from 1980 kicking around in the house. I was heart broken when my mum finally threw out all her '50s stilettos in the mid 70's.

To get back to this shirt thing, I also noticed that Neil appears to be wearing the same red/wine coloured satin shirt (pajama top?) (me-ow) in the Distant Sun and Nails in my Feet videos. I've also seen loads of photographs with him in that shirt. He eludes to 'favourite shirts' in his Once Removed book--it makes him feel at home when he's not at home to see a favourite shirt hanging up in the hotel closet.

Funny, when I'm in a hotel, it's usually in a different city and it's usually on a holiday and I take great pleasure in seeing 'new' shirts with price tags hanging off them in my hotel closet! Wink

Any other comments on the mystery yellow and white shirts? Discuss.

Also--thanks for moving this thread, I wasn't sure where to put it.

Originally posted by Martine:
[qb]the sleeves appear longer when Paul's wearing it then when Neil is wearing it so it led me to believe that maybe it wasn't the same shirt, but there couldn't be more than one shirt like that surely?[/qb]
Well, Neil is somewhat taller than Paul, isn't he? That would explain the sleeves appearing to be longer on Paul, if it is indeed the same shirt.

Wink Big Grin

[Those Finn Brothers better hurry up and let us hear some of that new music - we're obviously running out of things to discuss. *laughs*]
Excellent Brownie! I was going to make that point exactly! Here's what I'm imagining.....

After filming the MTMG video, Paul says to Neil, "My, that's a nice shirt you have there, Neil!" Neil responds, "Yeah, thanks......but I never thought I looked good in yellow." Paul says, "You're right, the shirt is good but it looks downright sh*tty on you!" Neil, disgusted, rips off said shirt and throws it on the ground at Paul's feet. Paul yells to Neil who is storming off......"Thanks mate, I needed a yellow shirt!"

So there you have it. Razzer

Pretty sure it's not the same shirt Martine (sorry), and as weird as this sounds, I also have one of those white & yellow shirts. Maybe they were made in bulk in Australia- my Mum mailed me one years back!!! So a few must of existed.
From memory and it's a bit blurry but I can remember Neil's white & yellow hanging out back on the clothes line at Osborne street,and I had to save it from Lester who was basically chewing and trying to remove it off the line (maybe he wanted it too!!) fairly sure it got a bit chewed and torn...Paul use to buy a few sixties style shirts when he was at Caulfield and from the shop just up from The Galleon at St Kilda, so I'd say it was just one like it. BUT I could be wrong, maybe Sharon repaired Neil's and took it to the clip -as we did have a box of shirts and jackets etc-that we all brought along to the shoot. (I supplied that cool red frisbee and a sixties beach umbrella that the Enz gave me as a Xmas present one year._ but heaps of clothes on the several days of filming.
However Crowded House did swap stage shirts and also clothes in photo shoots. One example was Tim's brilliant vest-made by Sally Crombie and Brenda Bentley-Seymour. Tim wore it, Neil wore it and Paul wore it. It was the embroided one..purple and sun burnt orange.The purple shirt was worn by Paul and Mark Hart.
The red shirt by Nick and Neil...and I do remember Neil borrowing Nicks shoes!!!
The handpainted Woodface "Wood" jackets and pants all hand the band members names on them and were all different sizes so no swapping....the very early black velvet burning building stage jacket that Neil wears has an upside down "P" on it for Paul!! Paul wears one with an "N" on it....and has worn the "P" burning building one.
Neil's red wine coloured shirt was given to the club for a contest prize so one Frenz member has that,,,,maybe they are reading this (or was it a club fundraiser auction) but yes that was worn both onstage and in clips.
Let me know if there are any other stage cossies and I'll do my best to tell you if they exist still...if you want...if I remember.
The only on tour shirt that I always have to have on- is my red satin bowling shirt. It's tradition that I always wear it first night of the it guarantee's a great gig *grin*.....
Several times there have been "Phew you remembered the shirt" from various crew members....such is tradition and Pacific superstition. !!! (:
Good heavens Peter, how DO you remember all this clothing minutiae ??? I'm beginning to think you're ME in disguise! Wink Yes, indeed, you have solved the great Yellow/White shirt mystery, thanks so much. Big Grin

Now I have to go into mourning for that lost wine coloured satin shirt of Neils Frowner

It's ok, I'll get over it Razzer

I bet no one borrowed Eddie Rayner's costumes!! He's about a foot taller than everyone!

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