Neil & Liam UK/Europe Tour

I guess everyone has seen the email and/or post that Neil and Liam are doing a short tour of the UK and Europe in January? 

I was surprised to see it!

After I saw that, I wondered if that meant they would make it to NY eventually.  But looking at the Fleetwood Mac tour schedule, January is the only break for FM from early October to early April, so I guess it’s not very likely.  But I am holding out hope for a one-off date in NY.  Prior to the notice of this January tour with Liam I thought it would be completely off the cards.   

Neil is going to be exhausted from being on the road from October all the way through till April!



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I'm over the moon!!! They've chosen great cities, in my opinion - the ones with notoriously loyal and enthusiastic Finn followers. Finally we in the Old World get Neil live again, it's been a while. 

I'm not too worried about his hectic schedule - he's done stints in the UK in the middle of other stuff before, and it seemed like a welcome break from something entirely different. I'm looking forward to seeing his happy face, when he hears the audience go along with whatever song he puts forward - the new, old, obscure, and the random ones. And the banter.

Can't wait!

Got tickets for Edinburgh, and it's on the last day of my 30s, so it gives me something to look forward to as I dread the following day!  I'm really enjoying the album, and look forward to seeing it live. Looking at previous set lists, it looks like they could be some pretty relaxed and varied shows. 

I've got Birmingham and Bristol, which should make for a very nice weekend indeed. The Birmingham tickets went fast! 

(Shame London's on a Tuesday - not good for someone currently teaching on the continent with an early Wednesday morning class, although I accept that is too small a demographic to matter to anyone but me ;-))

Has anyone ever been to Birmingham? This venue is allowing kids and I'd like to take my 7 year old son, wish I'd realised earlier as now only back of stalls or half way up circle is available.

Been told stalls are flat so thinking this is out even if he can stand on a chair if back row. Be interested if anyone can tell what the view from mid circle might be like?

Really want him to have his first Finn experience but not if he can't see!


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