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Neil & Liam Finn

Olympia Theatre, Dublin

16th January 2019


Sweet Dreams

Back To Life

Four Seasons In One Day

On Your Side

Anger Plays A Part

Pineapple Head/Heartbreak Hotel

Better To Be

Meet Me In The Air

We Know What It Means

Message To My Girl

Any Other Way

Fire In Your Belly

Golden Child

Fall At Your Feet

Miracle Glance

I Got You

Energy Spent

Distant Sun

Black And White Boy

Cold Feet

Where’s My Room?

Better Be Home Soon

Don’t Dream It’s Over


Great to see Neil at his “home away from home” again.

Neil & Liam performed the first five songs of the night as a duo with ”Back To Life” featuring Pablo Vasquez performing from one of the Olympia’s audience boxes. Most of the rest of the set had the full Finn family performing with occasional help from Jol Mulholland on bass and guitar.

A couple of well timed requests were performed - a fantastic solo piano rendition of “Fall At Your Feet” which was essentially a duet between Neil and the Dublin audience, plus what was initially a tease of “Better Be Home Soon” saw Neil decide they’d better play the whole song - and they did.

Plenty of good humored banter throughout and solid support from Pablo Vasquez and Pugwash’s Thomas Walsh.


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Hi Romer,
Thomas has long had an appreciation of Neil's music - during his support set he spoke about attending the first Crowded House show in Ireland during the Woodface tour, which coincidentally was also at the Olympia Theatre. I've spotted him in the audience at other Neil/CH shows in Dublin.
If you liked the Pugwash material Thomas also had a cricket-themed side project with Neil Hannon - The Duckworth Lewis Method.
There's a thread here in the Forums which details the involvement of Nick Seymour and a Neil Finn cameo on the second Duckworth Lewis Method album "Sticky Wickets" six years ago:

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